Samsung RD-PQ, changing Tizen to Android (installing a board from an S3 donor)


    • I swap motherboards on my Samsung RD-PQ and full-fledged Samsung GT-i9003;
    • In the process, it turns out that the boards are identical, although, judging by the topic on xda-developers (English) , there should be another board;
    • From the previous paragraph it follows the possibility of a purely software method for flashing an android using JTAG. This issue is not considered in the article, because (a) expected to see another board; (b) from the photo on xda it is clear that the hands for this should be straight enough

    Under the cut quite large pictures, I apologize in advance for their quality.

    As we know, Samsung recently changed the rules of the Tizen App Challenge . Now only applications for watches are in demand. The fate of the Samsung Z is also unclear, as well as the overall prospects of Tizen. However, according to kirikch, hundreds of Samsung RD- PQs were handed out to developers. I got my copy at a devlab event in Yaroslavl last fall (and I almost missed the train because of this). Now do not disappear good, we will make Galaxy S3 out of it.

    Having studied the available information on the network and found that thread on xda-developers, I decided to purchase a board from S3 and just put it in the RD-PQ package. Donors can easily be found in used offers. Only a motherboard is needed from it, but the state of the screen does not matter. Therefore, you can take any broken smartphone for a penny.


    Phones are disassembled the same and very simple. We unscrew all the screws that are visible around the perimeter, and the black screw on the holder of the sim / sd card. The case and top cover are snap fastened. There are many S3 disassembly instructions online.

    Differences - RD-PQ has worse case quality, softer plastic. Also in the photo you can see that he has cut off the antenna wire (on the right).

    We get the board

    The one that is lighter is from RD-PQ. In general, as you can see, they are identical.

    For comparison - a photo from xda-developers. In my case, the GT-I9300 is written , the missing element is soldered. Conclusion - this is a board from a full Galaxy S3, with Tizen firmware and a cut off antenna.

    Now you just need to assemble everything in the reverse order, swapping the boards.

    Result of relocation of souls:

    Everything turned on and worked right away without any problems. Now I have a full-fledged smartphone in the RD-PQ case and a tizen version with a broken screen, which will go to the dustbin of history in a distant box.

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