How to find lost or delete obsolete 1C databases

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I want to talk about one interesting tool in the development of which I took part.
Implemented in the form of processing that can find files:

  • * .1CD - 8.x database files
  • * .cf - 8.x configuration upload files
  • * .dt - 8.x database upload files
  • * .zip - Archives that contain the above files

As a result, information is conveniently displayed to the user in a convenient form, in many cases sufficient to solve the task indicated in the header.
The main advantage is the ability to " on the fly " (without the need to download the found file and without authorization information ) determine the configuration used in it and the number of missed releases.


As in many organizations, we work in terminal mode. Over the years, more than 600 gigabytes of all kinds of copies of our and client databases, unloading configurations, archives that are simply forgotten and are dead weight have accumulated on the server.

Manual analysis of this entire data array is a rather boring task.

It was necessary to clear out all this garbage and at the same time not to remove anything superfluous.


To solve this problem, the Automator configuration included processing capable of conveniently providing the user with important information for making a decision:

  • Path to found file
  • Last Modified Date
  • The size
  • Used configuration and release
  • Number of missed releases

Customization form

fig. 1 Search settings form

Work result

fig. 2 Search result

I want to thank awa for a utility that can directly extract information from 1CD and cf files, thanks to which this functionality has become possible.

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