Free Software Foundation and Defective By Design Statements Regarding Apple's Latest Press Conference

This article is a translation of the public statements of the two organizations in response to an Apple press conference :

  • The Free Software Foundation is a non-profit organization whose worldwide mission is to promote freedom and protect the rights of computer and software users.
  • Defective by Design (“Intentionally Spoiled", this is about DRM) is the FSF's campaign to promote the dissemination of DRM technologies , which they interpret as Digital Restrictions Management and consider it a threat to innovation in the media, consumer privacy and freedom of computer users.

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Free Software Foundation Announces New iPhone, Apple Pay Digital Payment System, and Apple Watch

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Free Software Foundation encourages users to avoid all Apple products, in the interests of their own freedom and the freedom of their loved ones.

Today, Apple announced new iPhone models, watches and a payment system. In response, FSF Executive Director John Sullivan made the following statement:

It is striking that most technology media act as if they were Apple’s marketing department. There is a massive conspiracy to hush up the most significant aspect of the announcement - a new round of Apple’s war against the freedom of individual users and, accordingly, against freedom of speech, freedom of trade, freedom of association, privacy and technological innovation.

Each review that does not cover the fact that Apple is imposing a DRM (digital bans management system) to lock up the devices and applications it sells does a disservice to readers and discourages the development of a free digital society that we all need. Any review that describes the characteristics of new devices, without revealing their unethical background, will participate in the approximation of complete digital disempowerment.

Notice how many reviews cover how Apple threatens to prosecute anyone who dares try to install another operating system like Android on an Apple phone or watch. Note how many reviews mention that Apple devices do not allow you to install unapproved applications, again threatening you with a prison term if you go for it without Apple’s blessing. Notice how many reviews pay attention to how Apple, armed with an arsenal of patents, throws into the battle an army of lawyers against those who are trying to develop a more free computer ecosystem.

Since the last announcement of Apple products, we have often seen examples of how smartphones and other computers were used as a means of political activism and freedom of speech, and many of these expressions were censored. If we continue to condone the sovereignty of Apple, censorship and restriction of freedom of speech in digital tenologies will become a constant norm.

The inventor of the first American programmable computer avoids Apple devices, believing that they are incompatible with important types of creativity. But just saying “don't buy their products” is not enough. It’s important to add that the laws that Apple and other companies use to enforce their digital bans give them a state-guaranteed competitive edge over products that respect user freedom.

At least Apple watches have a buckle that allows them to be removed from the wrist, otherwise we were worried about it.

We encourage users to look for opportunities to support the use of mobile and wearable devices that do not limit users' fundamental freedoms. Such projects include Replicant , a free fork of Android, and F-Droid , an Android application repository containing exclusively free software. And be sure to let Tim Cook know what you have in this connection on the soul.

Defective by Design Call: Fight Fraud by Spreading This Apple Watch Image

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Read about technology? If so, you probably already have a sensation across your throat around Apple’s recent announcement. The focus is on the new Apple devices: watches and iPhone 6. They are cool and fashionable, but, as we keep repeating the last few years, the most ingenious and unfair prohibitions that can be found in electronic devices are hidden under polished metal cases. Moreover, the company that sells them is a patent troll, focused only on power over its market niche and users.

Five reasons you should never buy an Apple Watch
Russian version from seomarlboro , original in English .

Five reasons not to buy an Apple Watch

  1. Apple decides for you which applications you can use.
  2. There is no way to verify that the watch reports to Apple about you and your life.
  3. Income from watches strengthens Apple's position as a patent troll.
  4. There is no free software.
  5. Thanks to DRM, you don’t own the music and videos you bought, but you rent them from Apple.

Upload a picture to social networks (you can read our considerations about different social networks).

Apple devices to the eyeballs are packed with digital prohibitions ( DRM ). They will not allow you to change the operating system to a free one or even allow you to simply install third-party applications of your choice. This company uses an impressive arsenal of patents to harass software developers who do things that resemble Apple products, including by accident. However, most people have no idea about Apple’s true intentions.

Check out to read the arguments behind each of the five points and recommendations for moving on to action.

Unlike Apple, we do not have millions of money that we could spend on advertising. Well we, of course, asked U2 to play for us, but they refused. But we can launch a movement for digital freedom and self-determination. We need to start with small tools, such as this picture, to show our friends and communities (and Apple!) That we know the true background of these devices: power over users.

Zach Rogoff
Campaign Manager Defective by Design

PS With the support of the Free Software Foundation, developers are making the Replicant free mobile OS available for an increasing number of devices. See the list of currently supported devices and send a pretty pennythat developers will spend on acquiring more test devices.

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