Firebug 1.2b2 released with concern for performance ...

    In this version, the developers added a very necessary thing: the selective disabling of JavaScript debugger-a and Net monitoring, because not every site needs these options, and they consume Firefox-a performance significantly.

    But you can simply turn off firebug for "wrong" sites, you say, and you will be right, but if you need to "climb" on the DOM or see-change styles? Previously, I had to put up with performance losses, now everything is flexibly configured and immensely happy;)
    Of the other changes: changed the icon (sic! :)), “improved” the Net tab and most importantly: all these joys are now available on the 3rd version of Firefox- a.


    Link to install
    Link to the version with Firebug-a trace
    Well, other things, including the source code, can be taken here

    Attention! Developers recommend using Firebug-a 1.1 on FF2

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