How we conducted the Summer School of High Performance Computing

    On August 21-30 , the VI Summer School of High Performance Computing in the field of modern biology and medicine was held on the Kazan site of the new Russian IT University Innopolis . The co-organizer was the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology . The event was held with financial support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant No. 14-37-10076 mol_g.
    We are ready to share the presentation materials of invited professors and recordings from online broadcasts. Details under the cut.

    This year, 40 talented children from all over Russia entered the Summer School of High Performance Computing :participants came from Moscow, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Omsk, Perm, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Almetyevsk, Elabuga, Insara, Sovetsk (Tula region). Of the 40 children, 35 received certificates, and 25 of them apply for a certificate of advanced training (the deadline for the completion of practical projects is September 30).

    Igor R. Efimov, Chair of the School’s Program Committee, is a Russian-American scientist, professor of biomedical engineering, cell biology and physiology, and radiology at the University of Washington in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Guest lecturer Dmitry Kovalevskaya Prize winner Dmitry Fedosov (Julich, Germany), specialist in the field of mathematical modeling of blood.

    Teaching staff of the VI Summer School: Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Aliev R.R. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Lobanov A.I., Ph.D., Associate Professor Karpov V.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor Konkov K.A. , Ph.D. Kolobov A.V. Practical classes were held by Subbotina A.Yu., Ph.D. Babichev S.L., Tsybulin I.V., Ph.D. Zhmurov A.A.

    Recordings of the School’s online broadcasts, as well as presentation materials of those lecturers who agreed to share them [here]
    The entire photo report of the event [here] The

    summer school was made possible thanks to MegaFon , the official mobile operator of Innopolis University , as well as the sponsors of the School: TESIS engineering company and DNA technology .
    Next year, the Summer School of High Performance Computing will be held in the new academic building of the University, in the city of Innopolis.

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    • 52.3% Bioinformatics and biological sciences 44
    • 38% Computational Finance 32
    • 30.9% Media and entertainment 26
    • 26.1% Computational Fluid Dynamics 22
    • 16.6% Seismic exploration 14
    • 3.5% Other (I will write in the comments) 3

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