New Evernote 6 for Android: redesign, web clipper and more

    The number of Evernote for Android users is growing faster than all our other applications. For some, the Android version has become a convenient addition to Evernote on the computer, but many use Android as the main platform, and Evernote as the main workspace. Updates in the sixth version should be especially useful for the second group.

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    Updated design

    We redesigned the design, including screens for creating notes, editing, viewing notes and searching.

    New notes
    Added a floating button for creating a new note. The green plus is located in the lower corner on the screens with lists of notes and notebooks. By clicking on it, a menu appears with the types of notes that you can create. The key advantage of the updated design is quick access.

    Navigation bar
    Swipe the screen from left to right to open the notepad, labels, and shortcuts bar. Evernote Business users will be able to switch between personal and business notebook lists there. You can also open the panel by clicking on the list icon with three lines next to the elephant.

    Web clipper

    Copying web pages is now possible on Android. Select the page on the Internet you want to save, click on the sharing menu and select Evernote. If you click on the large button with the image of an elephant, you can choose a notebook for the copied information or add tags. Copy speed depends on page size and connection speed, however, saving occurs in the background and will not be distracting.

    Quickly share notebooks

    One of the easiest and most convenient ways to interact with other people is to create a joint notebook for working on a project. With the new Evernote 6, sharing is faster and easier. Open the notebook and click on the person icon at the top of the screen. Then add everyone you want to invite to the notebook, type a message with a description of the notebook or task for the team and select the access level for the invited people.

    Convenient search

    In Evernote 6, we updated the design of the search features to make it easier and faster to find the notes you need. If you need a more accurate result, limit your search to notepad, tags, or geographic coordinates. You can also switch between personal and business notes to quickly filter out unnecessary entries.


    We constantly strive to strike a balance between the simplicity of the interface and the many features of the service. This means that the application has functions that may be useful to you, but you simply do not know about them. Therefore, we added the “Evernote Features” section at the bottom of the navigation bar. This section will introduce you to the features of the application, which, in our opinion, may be interesting.

    And much more

    • More convenient note editor design with improved options for viewing and updating notes
    • Updated tablet interface
    • New camera with the ability to switch between shooting modes
    • Better handwriting support with text enlargement and more efficient recognition

    In addition, we have implemented dozens of other improvements and updates. Hope you enjoy.

    Download Evernote for Android

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