Epson SureColor SC-F2000: Epson's first textile printer

    As promised in the post on  sublimation printing , in this post we’ll talk about the  Epson SureColor SC-F2000  - a device of a new class for our company - an inkjet printer for direct printing on textiles.

    Printers for direct printing on fabric (often called “printers for printing on T-shirts and cuts”), have been produced for more than 8 years, but all of them are, to one degree or another, alterations of standard models for printing on paper. Most of these alterations use Epson technology - from printheads to components and parts from inkjet printers. Some alterations are more or less successful, but most are worthless. In any case, the situation when a print assembly is installed in a product from one manufacturer, a mechanic from a second, software from a third, and supplies from a fourth raises questions about the quality and speed of printing, the reliability of the device, the availability and availability of service support.

    Direct textile printing

    Epson SureColor SC-F2000 is a comprehensive solution that can work “out of the box” and is supported by Epson in full: from Russification of the interface and documentation to warranty and post-warranty service. The model has two modifications, characterized by a colorful scheme: either it is CMYK, or CMYK + W.

    Accordingly, the first model is focused on white (light) material, the second - on fabrics of any color due to the presence of white ink that acts as a substrate, "sealing" the material in the first pass. For printing on textiles, branded Epson UltraChrome DG pigment inks are used : durable , bright and completely safe and non-toxic. Cartridges of two different volumes are provided: standard (250 ml) and increased (600 ml).

    Inkjet printing on fabric is more demanding on the mechanical part of the device.

    The printing path requires a reliable, excluding backlash and vibration, design, protection of the print head from the inevitable pile and dust, while remaining extremely accurate for printing in several passes. In the case of SureColor SC-F2000, this node is given special attention.

    The supply of material is carried out using the table drive, on which the t-shirt itself (or a piece of clothing) is laid out. Tables are interchangeable, the design uses a quick fix mechanism for the product, which allows you to reliably hold the product during printing. A total of 4 sizes of tables are available (from 101 × 101 mm to 406 × 508 mm), which cover all the possible requirements for printing on fabric. The height of the table is also adjustable, due to which the maximum thickness of the printed material is 25 mm.

    Despite the fact that this is an industrial printer, the device remains compact and works almost silently. The combination of quiet operation and environmentally friendly ink allows you to install the Epson SureColor SC-F2000 in any room, including shops and print shops with production at the client.

    As in the case of "paper" inkjet models, the most "delicate" and expensive part of the device is the print head. Here she works in a much more aggressive environment: there is always more lint, dust and other debris on the fabric, which inevitably penetrates everywhere, which inevitably leads to service. This is taken into account in the device: the printer is equipped with the technology of automated cleaning of printheads from dust, which virtually eliminates clogging of nozzles and saves ink needed for washing. A distinctive feature of the printer is a white ink recirculation system that protects the printheads from drying out in the absence of printing for a long time.

    The printer is supplied with the Russified Garment Creator software, which allows you to quickly and easily download files for printing, make adjustments to the image, and even calculate the estimated cost of printing for each print. Professionals who are used to controlling every little thing during the printing process can take advantage of the solutions of third-party suppliers of raster processors (RIP) - Ergosoft and Wasatch have already announced support for the new printer.

    You can learn about the Epson SureColor SC-F2000 printer in this section of our website .

    We thank the official Epson dealer, Nissa Distribution  , for their help in preparing the post.

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