US car dealers push Tesla to close due to sales too high


    As reported by the American media, auto dealers Georgia Association sent to local authorities an official request to revoke the license to Tesla cars for sale in the state.

    The essence of the claim is that Tesla Motors sold 173 cars through its company store (the only one in Georgia) 25 miles from Atlanta, while, according to state dealers, only 150 cars could be sold per state per year. And since the rules were violated, a punishment should follow - in the form of revocation of a license.

    “It's simple - we want them to follow the rules, like all of us,” said Bill Mori, president of the Georgia Auto Dealers Association.

    If the store in Georgia is closed, then potential buyers will either have to go to another store 4 hours to Nashville, 6 hours to Tampa or more than 8 hours to St. Louis. There are not many people who want to make such a path to look at the car, and sales will fall. Even for a test drive of an electric vehicle in the state it will be very difficult to register.

    Yahoo News auto expert Steven Lang believes that car dealers are trying to force Tesla to cooperate - if the company sells electric cars through their networks, then it will be forced to pay deductions from sales (this is what the competitors of Elon Mask Chevrolet already do with their Volt and Nissan with the Leaf model). At the moment, the company sells its cars directly to independently control work with customers.

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