August Azure Platform Update Overview

    The news digest of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform platform   contains the main announcements and content for developers, IT professionals and all professionals interested in cloud technologies and the Azure platform. Previous digest releases can always be found at the  following link . This digest has a lot of high-profile news and interesting content!


    Now you can test websites without creating an Azure account ! - Without specifying a credit card, without creating an Azure account. Only a Microsoft Account is needed.  

    The version of the legendary Process Explorer in the cloud- Now, on the page for managing each website in Azure Websites, you can turn on Process Explorer and monitor what is happening with the processes. For obvious reasons, the inclusion of Process Explorer will lead to more workload, but you just look what a beauty.

    Preview : DocumentDB is a cloud (and, therefore, highly scalable) service that provides Document DB as a service with schema-free.

    Azure Backup has become available in Japan East and West - if you want to reserve something in Japan using the convenient Azure Backup service (which is integrated either in Windows Server Backup into the backup snap-in or in DPM), you can proceed.

    Added management functionality on the new portalSQL Database - front-end update - over time, functionality continues to migrate from the old portal to the new one . In the interface update, there are elements of the firewall settings for SQL DB, audit and, probably, the favorite functionality of all users - resetting the administrator password.

    General Availability : Mobile Services . NET backend- There used to be a backend for applications and platforms that support HTTP (officially we support with all instructions the SDKs of Windows Phone, Windows 8/1, Android and iPhone, but a custom REST API that can be easily created using Mobile Services can, of course , use with any more or less supporting HTTP and the client’s basic principles), it was possible to configure scripts only on Node.js. In this update, .NET support came out of the preview - write API call handlers in .NET and ASP.NET Web API.

    VM Readiness Assessment tool - a utility for automatic inventory of local infrastructure and creating a report based on an inventory of what and how to migrate to Azure. Extremely helpful.

    Azure Search : preview- Search-as-a-service that can be integrated into the application. There is no need to use full-text search, deploy and manage the infrastructure. It looks like a “search unit” with a specific query-per-second and document count benchmark. The content section has a link to an introduction.

    CustomScript extension and VMAccess extension - extensions for virtual machines with Linux on board. They make it possible to perform various scripts and actions, for example, password reset, SSH configuration, etc.

    Meanwhile, a new template has appeared in the virtual machine templates on the new portal - SQL Server AlwaysOn. Full Automation Deployment AlwaysOn is a powerful tool. Instead of wasting time deploying, create and get a ready-made environment from a template.  
    Service Bus Explorer - new version . Used by many developers to simplify working with Service Bus. The new version adds support for Windows Server Service Bus, Event Hubs, Notification Hubs and much more.
    WebJobs on the new portal - another front-end update - WebJobs are available on the new portal . You can read more about how to use it at the development guru - SychevIgor and another guru Scott Hanselman . And about what was new in the latest update -here .

    The new version of the client library for Azure Storage - in the latest version, a whole bunch of news, not only for .NET, but also for library versions for Java, Android and Node. There are many changes, changelog can be read on the link.

    New version of AzCopy v2.5.0 - AzCopy is a utility with which you can quickly and with different settings upload content to Azure storage. The new version supports downloading an unlimited number of files at the same time, as well as installing SAS (Shared Access Signature, signing content to regulate access to it). Download here . Read the detailed instructions hereOpen Source
    There was no big open source news in August. :(
    Useful content
    Notes on backups - a selection of materials, links and small tips on the issue of backups on Microsoft Azure.

    How to correctly migrate applications from one region to another based on the experience of real customers , says Senior PM Shaun Tinline-Jones, a member of the Azure Customer group The Advisory Team, which works with large and complex projects,
    features of websites you may not have known about, but it’s good to know about them- From the Bilal Alam development manager on Azure Web Sites PDF generation functions using SQL Server Reporting Services and support for downloading PFX certificate files so that applications can use these client certificates for authentication on other HTTP services.

    Solving throttling problems in Azure applications - our architect Kirk Evans broadcasts throttling management solution patterns.
    How to do wonders with Azure Resource Manager Tools Preview- about how to use Resource Manager in Visual Studio 2013, with which you can create deployment templates in JSON that describe what you need to deploy, thereby greatly simplifying management, says Sr. SDET Matt Sampson.
    And this is for Linux lovers. About how to automate some tasks for Linux virtual machines using custom script extensions. Here .
    How to migrate large amounts of data to the Azure Files service - Sr.PM Lead Atul Sikaria will tell. Azure Files service solves issues with connecting data storage in the cloud via SMB - like network storage.
    Using the Redis service on Azure
    Encrypting a virtual machine drive withCloudLink SecureVM - Senior PM Bryon Surace, a Hyper-V guru, talks about how to encrypt a virtual machine drive in the cloud using BitLocker, Linux native encryption, and more. A video on the same topic is YouTube : “CloudLink SecureVM for Microsoft Azure” and TechEd : “Security and Microsoft Azure IaaS”.
    In the same security piggy bank is the Microsoft Antimalware architectural guide for Azure regarding security aspects for Cloud Services and virtual machines.
    Configure idle timeout for Azure load balancer- one of the new features. They talk about TCP Keep-Alive support and generally about how to work with the balancer in situations with long connections. Best practices for using Azure websites from Hanselman and colleagues - how to avoid the risks of falls, how to properly prepare the website design and in general about architectural issues. Website deployment slots - Hanselman and PM Daria Grigoriu discuss the new website feature - deployment slots - development, testing and pre-production. Azure Search — an introduction — an introduction to search-as-a-service, which is already being used in a real busy environment to improve search — on Channel 9 itself.

    A bunch of links to content related to Docker and Kubernetes, including the Microsoft-developed Kubernetes visualization tool:
    http : // channel 9. msdn . com / Shows / Edge / Edge - Show -117- Docker - on - Azure  
    http : // channel 9. msdn . com / Shows / TechNet + Radio / TechNet - Radio - Part -11- Accelerate -DevOps - with - the - Cloud - Bringing - Docker - Online - using - PowerShell - DSC

    Introduction to Azure RemoteApp - video on how to use RemoteApp. RemoteApp simplifies the task of deploying software in the cloud, which is accessed through the client. That is, such an analog of RDS, only as a service. Deploy the application, users download the client for any popular platform, launch it, launch the application (which runs on server capacities in the cloud) and use it. Mobility!

    Below you will find links to resources that will help you use the Microsoft cloud platform:
      Free  Microsoft Azure 30-day trial;
    Free  access to Microsoft Azure resources for  startupspartners , teachers, the MSDN subscribers ;
    Microsoft Azure Development Center (  - scripts, guides, examples, recommendations on choosing services and development on Microsoft Azure;
    Latest news Azure the Microsoft - .

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