The book "When I spoke ... About education, IT and not only"

    Over the past few years, I have written dozens of articles on topics about the topic. Most of them were published on the hub The last 25 articles on the hub were read about 1,000,000 times, which is good news. Someone has long advised in the comments to release a collection of the best articles in the form of a book. I am pleased that this idea has finally come true!

    Quintessential IT industry

    I am pleased to present to your attention the book "When I spoke ... About education, IT and not only." The title of the book was taken from the most popular article “When I spoke ...” , which at the time of publication was included in the top 20 best articles of Habr in history.

    Description of the book:

    The book is a collection of articles by an author with extensive experience not only in the scientific field, but also in practical IT activities. Despite the fact that the collection was made up of only a few of the more than thousand articles written by Alexander at different times and on different topics, the book looks like a single organism and reads literally “in one go”. The author writes in real language about real things and life situations. There are essays that touch on the psychological aspect, there are articles about scientific activity and higher education, practical cases on management and people’s management - and, which undoubtedly pleases, enriched by the author’s personal experience.

    Based on the described range of topics raised by the author, the book is undoubtedly recommended to a wide range of readers. And students, and job seekers, and IT professionals, and people interested in a scientific career, and just curious readers - everyone will find something new and interesting for themselves.

    You can get a book in the following ways:

    1. By filling out the form (only for residents of Ukraine). The book will be delivered to you by UkrPost or New Mail (optional) to the address indicated in the form at the expense of the recipient. Since the number of printed books is limited, books will be sent as available. Also, if you know me, you can get a book in person.
    2. The electronic version is free , but if you want to thank the author, you can always do it.

    The contents of the printed version:

    1. From publisher
    2. about the author
    3. Do I need to study at a university?
    4. He who wants, he seeks opportunities, who does not want - seeks reasons
    5. Butterfly Effect
    6. Dilemmas of the young teacher
    7. Writing a Ph.D.
    8. A few words about intellectual property and common sense
    9. Opportunities for students you may not have known about
    10. On the problem of promoting scientific work and research
    11. Returning to the topic of higher education
    12. Do I need graduate school?
    13. Philosophy of Science, or Why Do We Trust Science?
    14. How i learned english
    15. Are your employees productive?
    16. Is it correct to use employees only for their intended purpose?
    17. The main reasons for moving to another company
    18. When I said ...
    19. Cult Trends
    20. How to scare away high-class specialists. Company Guide
    21. What should a beginner do?
    22. Are interview puzzles really needed?
    23. About the harm of silence
    24. About the perfect code and harsh reality
    25. A few words about productivity
    26. And a few more thoughts on project management methodologies
    27. Books for team leaders and project managers
    28. About IT motivation
    29. About competitive advantages, or Do not make the customer feel like an idiot
    30. About Journalists, Social Media, and Common Sense
    31. Interviewing IT professionals: 8 recommendations for employers
    32. Where can I get knowledge that is useful when applying for a job in an IT company
    33. Where is it better to work: in a service or grocery company?
    34. What prevents domestic programmers from repeating the success of Zuckerberg
    35. How to organize an event
    36. About Free and Paid Conferences
    37. I'm tired, I'm leaving ...
    38. Why is the DOW not the same ...
    39. IT circus left, clowns stayed

    The electronic version contains more articles.

    If you want to make a collective book order for your employees (with the possibility of branding), support the release of a new version of the book, or represent a book publisher, please send your suggestions to me in PM.

    Thanks for attention!

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