Great idea for a small computer desk

I want to make my modest contribution to the topic of DIY computer tables. All the last year I actively monitored the market in search of a one that suited my requirements - and did not find. There is only one way out - to make your own. Next is the story about the computer desk of my dreams.

But before moving on to the main point, I’ll tell you what was so special about the table that I couldn’t find anywhere.
I like to grumble at the computer, play toys. A powerful computer has a lot of space. But in the small apartment where I live, it’s hard to find a place on an ongoing basis where I wouldn’t bother anyone or someone would bother me, so I want to be able to move the table with the computer within the apartment. I rejected gaming laptops for a long time, since it is expensive, much less productive, and makes it impossible to dig into a computer.

Thus was born the first mandatory requirement for the table - mobility .

All searches in this section lead mainly to the same result: the table is small, uncomfortable, ugly.

So a few more requirements appeared: it should be at least 80 cm wide, i.e. comfortable , with the ability to stretch your legs (without any shelves and other nonsense) and pretty enough .

In principle, already at this stage I realized that my requirements are almost mutually exclusive - either beautiful, convenient and non-mobile, or mobile, small and uncomfortable.

I found a temporary compromise in the desk of Bureaucrat DL-083. The design is so-so, but this is the best I managed to find, given the requirements. Instead of standard legs, the wheels are easily screwed in, and the table with its dimensions gains the ability to move around.
Here are a few photos with different usage scenarios:

UPS had to be put on the table behind the monitor, which is not very good, since he piloted a couple of times on the floor, but you can move around without even turning off the computer, a kind of overgrown laptop. There were also design flaws: the metal frame did not allow the monitor to be moved away from itself, while 27 inches barely fit. Plus, I had to upgrade a bit to get into the 60-centimeter door.

Very quickly, I realized that the flimsy design of the table is not particularly adapted for movement: the computer itself is about 40 kg, plus some small things on the upper shelves give the table such a sail that it becomes scary to move it. After a little more time, it turned out that the places where the wheels were screwed in also endured it all and bent in different directions under the weight of my idea. However, for more than six months he successfully served me in the scenario of an apartment nomad and did not fall apart.

So I slowly approached the idea that what I need can be done only by myself. I climbed into DIY forums, habrahabr, looked at what people do for their computers, whether they share my worries and dreams. I saw many good and different tables (not for me to evaluate them) and realized that I had to reinvent the wheel from the very beginning. There were, however, very interesting tables, but all was not that. The favorite, of course, is the Boomburum office article - a very cool solution, but after weighing its capabilities and requirements, I decided that this was also not my option and finally formulated everything I needed from my dream computer desk:

  • mobile;
  • comfortable;
  • nothing more (no additional shelves and levels);
  • the sliding shelf for the keyboard should be at least 84 cm so that a large keyboard with an additional unit and a large comfortable mouse pad can comfortably fit on it; height to accommodate Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard;
  • not chipboard (crumbles during movements);
  • minimum metal (massive solid construction will look ugly, but I already had an example of a non-massive construction);
  • with an interesting design that fits into the home interior;
  • with the ability to accommodate a Full Tower format system unit up to 600 mm in height (so that after the next upgrade you do not have to make a new table);
  • depth of about 60 cm (optimal size for convenience and not to get stuck in my kitchen door);
  • separate hidden niche for UPS.

That’s probably all. I love working with a tree, so in simple terms - I decided to get confused.
I did not want to start such a project without preliminary preparation, so I began to study what programs exist for the design of furniture. Searches on the same DIY forums led me to the Google SketchUp program. A very easy to learn program and after several lessons gives a feeling of omnipotence. Looking for inspiration on various design and professional sites, I drew this:

I admired him for a long time, showed it to my relatives and friends, drew on trifles, and finalized the design. Quite a lot of time passed before I decided to go directly to the implementation of the idea. Despite my desire to make a table with my own hands, I, having weighed all the pros and cons, thought that I wouldn’t want to screw up my dream project with my own hands (there are a lot of exact sizes that you can’t miss), so it was decided Seek help and outsource the implementation of their friends who are engaged in the manufacture of furniture. After communicating with the master, there were weaknesses: it was necessary to strengthen the strength of the structure. Therefore, due to the rear wall and the extended left vertical panel, it created an additional stiffening frame. At the same time, I further refined the design, dimensions and design (the correct dimensions are only in the first picture).

Well, at the end of the curtain, I tried to make a couple of rendered pictures:

At the moment, we are buying material, immersed in the process, the other day we plan to launch the table in production. I will take intermediate photos and I will definitely return with the result at the end of September. I will be glad to comments and ideas for revision, tk. there is still the opportunity to make small changes to the project. And I would also like to find out if I have like-minded people, or is my demand still a “special” case?

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