Openstreetmap map-based navigation apps for Windows Phone

Almost a year ago, I moved to the Nokia Lumia 920 as the main mobile device. The difference with previous phones (on Android) was a little scary, but quickly passed. The market was not so empty as it was described in various articles and at the moment I found almost all the software that I need, except for a navigator based on Openstreetmap. As a standard, I took the OsmAnd application for Android - indeed, it suited me everything in both walking and car navigation.

Criteria for evaluation

  1. Clarity and usability
  2. Map rendering speed
  3. Opportunities for working with offline maps
  4. Routing
  5. Design
  6. Subjective personal opinion

To save text, I will not attach screenshots to all descriptions, they are already available at the market links at the end of the text.

The list of programs in the review

All of the above programs are in the market at the request of openstreetmap.


The cost of the full version of the program is 309 rubles, which looks wild, because "not at all". A fairly large number of map sources are available (over 10). The speed of rendering the map is not satisfactory. Setting the end point is not obvious at first glance - in the center of the map there is a crosshair, which you need to point to the place where you want to move. After that, you need to call the menu item "Navigate to here". Different types of navigation are available - directly, for pedestrians, bicycles, the shortest and fastest paths. The path is described in Russian. As far as I remember, this is the only program that contains a large number of layers of information displayed on top of the map (odometer, speed, average speed, current position and many others), all of them can be turned on in any order. Routing works only when the Internet is connected.


In this program, we were pleased with the download of maps by region and country. The speed of rendering a map leaves much to be desired, I don’t remember such a slowdown for a long time, and the map itself looks strange, as if a raster with a low resolution is being rendered. Maps are available for free download, but layers with POIs divided into categories are sold, for example, the food category is divided into 4 subcategories - bars, fast food, restaurants and cafes, each 44 rubles. In this program, I did not find any route buttons at all, as a navigator it makes no sense.

maaloo outdoor

The program surprised me with a beautiful start-up screen and almost useless functionality. Only useful as a monitor and as a storage of points in bookmarks. Navigation to points is laid in a straight line. Several types of cards are available. Downloading maps by region is not possible - only squares. The speed of rendering maps is strange, it feels like fragments outside the screen are not supposed to be drawn at all until you go there. It looks like the program is jamming for a few milliseconds.


Reminiscent of "Hello, World." No offline (apparently, only in the paid version), no favorites. There is a search by coordinates and address. By the way, the search by address did not find anything, and the search by coordinates did not pass validation when entering, although I tried to enter the point data in all the three options presented, so I could not test the route planning. The map is drawn and loaded without delay.


The program is intended only for two functions - laying a route from the start to the end point and recording tracks, works exclusively online. No POI, favorites, etc. When you click on the stop recording button, the track instantly flies

Multi map

Another "Hello, World." The program can only show the current position and speed. In addition to OSM, there are several other types of cards. It works only online.

Outdoor navigation

One of the "monsters." The praise in the market forced to pay increased attention to this program. Nice and smooth interface. Locates photos from the library at the points where they were taken. It has perhaps the largest list of map sources, divided into categories. Three types of route - auto, pedestrian and off-road. Good address search. Record tracks with export to SkyDrive. Routing and searching is online only. Loading maps is only a rectangular area. In principle, it can be used as a navigator with Bing cards built into the phone, but here I consider only the functionality in conjunction with Openstreetmap.


The program, first of all, was remembered for its terrifying icons and fonts. They are pixelated. It was not possible to build a track - it flies when you press the search button. Offline loading of maps is present in an even more perverted form than that of analogs - the area that enters the screen is loaded, and then the degree of detail is selected. Drawing cards is not in a hurry, but there is a tilt of the card, which is controlled by the slider between the zoom buttons and is constantly interfering.


Another program with a nice design. Quite strange work with offline maps - downloads a square with an edge of 1, 5 and 10 km around the current location. Able to write tracks, but not to lay routes. The places found by the search can be added to favorites, but what to do with them is unclear.

Simple OSM

Almost standard functionality: recording a track, plotting a route. Everything is online only. Tracks can be uploaded to the creator's website, there is no synchronization with SkyDrive. Speed ​​and design at a good level, in principle, there is nothing to slow down. There is a layer of traffic from Google, but in our country, as you know, this service is not popular.


No additional functions, except for displaying a map, which also slows down when rendering.


A program with a claim to good functionality, in fact - only recording tracks. Able to synchronize maps and tracks with SkyDrive, but the format of maps is closed, they are supposed to be downloaded using a PC program in which you can draw a polygon other than a rectangle. Download speed depends on the number of levels, inside the program you can download only with rectangles ... The size of the cards with all levels, of course, is simply gigantic. Search and routing is missing


I intentionally put this program at the end of the list. At the moment, I have not found anything better. POI, routing, maps - absolutely everything works offline. Maps of Russia are divided into federal districts, the world - countries. The cards are fairly fresh. There is support for the source of CityGid maps with their traffic information. Controls and design are standard for "iron" car navigators. The design, of course, came from the mid-2000s and does not at all correspond to the ideology of Metro. Pseudo-volume, strange colors and clumsy icons, as they say, a rod "from all cracks". The program logo resembles the SEGA logo, and the loading indicator at startup is a series of red stars, like on a tank tower. In sound alerts there is an error sound from Windows XP. But despite the slightly confusing menu, the functionality is just different, other alternatives, in my opinion,

Summary Table

It was hard enough to count in some “parrots” from 0 to 5 the program’s functions, but, in principle, the average rating is quite consistent with the general opinion.
TitleConvenienceSpeedCardsRouteDesignSubjectivelyaverage rating
maaloo outdoor4410442.83
Multi map1500201.33
Outdoor navigation4422543,5
Simple OSM3502432.83

What other programs for navigation based on Openstreetmap with offline maps have I missed?

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