Test Management Lab Series with Microsoft Test Manager 2013

    Many developers and testers using Visual Studio know Brian Keller ( http://blogs.msdn.com/b/briankel/ ) with his regularly updated virtual machine, which contains the latest version of Visual Studio and all the necessary infrastructure to study and evaluate all development tools capabilities. This virtual machine is accompanied by a set of laboratory works aka.ms/VS13ALMVM , which already help assess the capabilities of development tools or even learn how to use new features that you either did not know about or did not use before.

    Labs are in English, and each time we talked about this set of labs and a virtual machine, we were asked to make these labs available in Russian.

    Today we are pleased to announce that thanks to ahriman , we have launched a project to localize these laboratory works. Meet - the first set of 4 localized labs that cover the topic of test management in Visual Studio 2013!

    Test Planning in Microsoft Test Manager 2013
    Test Case Management in Microsoft Test Manager 2013
    Creating and Using Manual Tests in Microsoft Test Manager 2013
    Platform Testing in Microsoft Test Manager 2013


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