Coworking and startup incubator in Novosibirsk. Any interest?

    After a recent wonderful post with a report on the successes of the Yekaterinburg coworking club Bashnya over a year and a half of its existence, a logical question arose: why Novosibirsk, the third largest city in Russia, cannot boast of such successes?

    Being a convinced freelancer, I know for sure that a freelancer often wants a human society during the working day, and sometimes a team spirit, and advice. In addition, thanks to my experience working in an IT company, I know for sure what wonderful ideas and projects can be born in the informal atmosphere of a programming team.

    And since there are certain opportunities in this direction, I decided to probe the soil and understand whether such a club is needed in Novosibirsk. So we have:
    • A large room in a new office building in the center of Novosibirsk (behind the Flagship)
    • The opportunity to equip a coworking club (furniture, internet, etc.) in this room with 25 workplaces with comfortable furniture, a relaxation area and everything necessary for productive creative work.

    The only such project in Novosibirsk that I managed to find, in my opinion, is too expensive - personally, I personally would definitely not pay more than 7 thousand a month for the warmth of human communication as a freelancer. So our idea is to make membership in this club truly accessible to a freelancer engaged in any activity, and at the same time to create opportunities for the implementation of new projects by joint efforts.

    Most importantly, if such ideas of new projects are really born and implemented (and I really want to believe in it, because in creative teams something new and often unique and very necessary is always born), then we have the opportunity to support them in every possible way, starting from product, legal and marketing consultations to fundraising for the most promising projects. In addition, there are excellent marketing and organizational opportunities for launching these projects on the US market (a company is registered, there is an office, bank accounts, paypal and everything else - and, most importantly, experience in creating and promoting startups in the Western market).

    But I don’t really want to start and equip everything at once, without first understanding if this is necessary in our city. So I would like to listen to the opinions of Novosibirsk freelancers, small teams and just interested, to understand whether it is necessary to implement such an undertaking in Novosibirsk, whether our local freelancers and IT teams are ready to participate in this, and, of course, how much a monthly membership fee would be for you are acceptable. And, of course, if someone in our city already had such an idea, but something stopped, we will be glad to any participation in this matter.

    UPDATE:True, many people already do it themselves, but just in case, I’ll write: all my contacts are in my profile, and I am not at all opposed to expressing your interest in any of the available methods, if there is no possibility (or desire) to write here. Welcome to everyone!

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