PowerToFly - job search for women

    Hi, Habr.

    Recently, the topic of the fair sex employment in the IT sphere has been raised several times. At the request of my friend I want to talk about the startup PowerToFly .

    imageThe project was invented by women (Milena Berry and Katharine Zalesky in the photo on the left) for women, with the support of investors, they started a startup that included something like a social network for women around the world and a platform for finding remote employees.

    So, PowerToFly solves 2 interrelated problems: on the one hand, it helps companies that turn to them to find qualified employees in IT-areas for remote work, and on the other hand, it helps girls who choose remote work for one reason or another.

    And the reasons can be very different, in the first place - pregnant girls, mothers with young children (one of the founders, Milena is the mother of three children). Another category under which the company is positioned is women in the Middle East who are simply forbidden to work. In general, the reasons for working remotely can be very different.

    What is noteworthy, the startup team consists only of girls, most of whom work remotely.

    At the moment, the project is in alpha version, there is still a lot of work, but now you can register the so-called. “Talent”, fill out your profile, in which to add your skills. Functionality of vacancies is still in work, but clients can register and view profiles and, if desired, hire suitable talent. Now PowerToFly collaborates with large companies such as VirginMobiles, Hearst, RebelMouse, WashingtonPost, MeeLocal, Avaaz and others.

    Although the project is only at the beginning of its journey, there are already really employed girls, and the geography is vast - from Australia to Canada, but most of the girls are from Russia, Ukraine and India.

    A prerequisite for getting a job is knowledge of English (at least at the Intermediate level). PowerToFly helps employees to develop, “on board” free courses in both professional and conversational English.


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