To wash or not to wash? Foursquare for clean drivers

    We continue to acquaint readers of our blog with the most interesting startups hosted on the VCStart venture capital investment site . The choice is based, first of all, on the assessment of the startup idea, its social significance, scale and, of course, investment potential. The project “Car Wash”, in our opinion, possesses all these qualities to an adequate degree.

    A dirty machine is a sure sign that its owner is a pig, a very busy person. Especially when you see a new expensive car, covered with a two-week layer of dirt and compassionate requests to be washed, written for an illiterate "horse" with a finger of a sympathetic passerby.

    A clean and sparkling car, on the contrary, is an indicator of self-care and the elusive reason for the festive mood of the owner, an extraordinary reason to enjoy life. It is so obvious that it is not immediately clear why there are so many dirty cars on the roads.

    It becomes clear when on the way to work you drop by the car wash to “quickly rinse”, and in front of you in the queue there are a dozen such clever people, only quicker. The attempt to “arrive early” tomorrow turns into the same line, though with fewer participants, and this can be repeated for a very long time.

    Another popular reason not to wash your car is the mystical expectation of rain. “What if tomorrow?” ... and now the sink is far behind.

    “But if it was possible to anticipate the rain, but to see where the nearest washes are, to find out if there is a queue ...”, the driver of a dirty car dreams, sadly steering towards work.

    Quite right, there would be many times more clean cars on the roads, and their drivers would come to work full of optimism and thirst for accomplishment. This conclusion was once reached by the creators of the “Auto Wash” service and, inspired by the need for their undertaking, they got down to business.

    The basis of the service, which would combine in itself for a car wash in all regions of Russia, was taken today the most optimal user interaction tool - a mobile application for the two main platforms iOS and Android. It is responsible for informing the client about the services of the car wash nearest to him, based on geolocation data.

    After downloading the program from the App Store or Google Play, and allowing it to determine its geo-location, the driver immediately receives a list of the nearest car washes with the address of the phone, a user rating compiled by crowdsourcing by the same drivers, and the location of the car wash on the map.

    Yes, before that, the program will help you make the choice, wash the car today or wait a bit. This is done based on the weather forecast for the coming days, which is available right here in the application.

    In addition, the application will tell about promotions and discounts at nearby car washes, offer to call there if you want to take a turn in advance, and pave the route to the service on the map. In the future, the application will have the opportunity to pre-pay services at a discount with a plastic card. According to the creators of the project, the functionality for this already exists and is currently being tested in the homeland of the project, in Tatarstan.

    “In total, more than 150 thousand car washes are working with us today throughout Russia and the CIS, as well as in Europe. Owners are attracted by the opportunity to tell their business with the help of our application to hundreds of thousands of drivers - smartphone users. We have already signed a contract with the Moscow Association of Car Wash Business to connect 500 car washes in the capital to the paid WannaWash service over the next 2 months with an average check of $ 50. Also signed contracts with many regions of Russia and Ukraine. There is an agreement with the Nestgsv accelerator from Silicon Valley to promote our project in the USA, negotiations are underway to scale the service in China, ”says Denis Marganov, co-founder of WannaWash.

    The business model of the service is related to the monetization principle of the popular Foursquare today: car washes pay for distinguishing among competitors and promoting their services, and car enthusiasts get free coffee for a tip on the car wash and discounts for ordering through the application.

    Car wash owners are willing to make contact with WannaWash - the service provides them with detailed statistics on customers and geo-targeted push-advertisement advertising of shares, the ability to respond to reviews on behalf of the service and the functionality for implementing an electronic queue, which significantly saves time and optimizes staff costs.

    The idea of ​​entrepreneurs from Kazan has already attracted the attention of not only user-motorists, but also investors. The start-up has existed since December last year, and during this time has achieved quite serious results.

    Having won the TURN8 contest from the i360accelerator platform, the company was able to undergo acceleration in Dubai (UAE) and a seed investment of $ 30K, and received an AA rating from Russian Startup Rating for its high investment attractiveness. This did not go unnoticed by investors, and soon WannaWash received $ 135 thousand in seed investments from the investment fund GRAVIZapps at the first in Russia hardware accelerator Navigator Campus Kazan.

    Now, the opportunity to participate in the development of a promising and successful startup has appeared for users of the VCStart collective investment platform . WannaWash begins the next round of financing on our platform, making its project accessible to micro-investors.

    The share to be disposed of is 10%. In exchange for it, WannaWash intends to attract investments in the amount of $ 150 thousand. The money will go to the development of the project, and in particular to the promotion of mobile applications in the top positions of mobile markets, the refinement of the functionality and the expansion of the client base in Russia and abroad.

    You can buy a stake in the WannaWash project here .

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