Open lecture on the basics of Swift from MasterUp

    We are glad to announce that on the first of September we will start our Swift-course!

    This summer, we did not sit idly by, but carefully analyzed the experience of teaching the objective C course for the iOS platform. We were able to identify 3 main parameters that are the basis for our new course: detailing all aspects of development using swift, practicality of lecture materials and a course project, a mega-impulse of interest in the platform and a new programming language.

    The first open lecture will be held on September 1 from 19:00 to 21:00 (Kiev time) in the webinar mode.

    In this lecture, we will analyze the basics of syntax and write a code that will select from the participants one lucky person who will gain access to the subscription block for free!

    Course Schedule

    dateLecture Theme
    01.01Swift syntax basics
    04/09Cocoa and Swift
    08.08 The architecture of the correct swift project
    11/09Networking and Alamofire
    09.15Objective C and Swift
    09.18Debug, Testing and AppStore
    09.22 Theme “Based on the results of the group’s vote”

    Pre-registration is available at .

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