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    On Wednesday, September 17, at 19.30, an offline Logeek Night meeting will be held in St. Petersburg as part of LTS Luxoft. This is an informal meeting of IT specialists with the opportunity to chat with like-minded people, share experience and gain new knowledge. Mikhail Vaysman and Vladimir Krasilshchik will speak at the meeting.

    Participation in this event is free, but you must register at www.luxoft.com/lts/logeek/russia/registration

    Vladimir Krasilshchik
    Graduated with honors from the Department of Mat. Providing SPbSTU "LETI" and for more than 11 years "sawing bloody Enterprise" for government agencies and banks, as well as automotive and telecommunications concerns. Works in the St. Petersburg branch of Luxoft. He currently leads the development of an integration application in the field of credit derivatives for a large investment bank.

    Topic: Multi-Process Architecture Java Applications: Pride and Prejudice
    Brief Description of the Report:
    In his report, Volodya will go over the pros and cons of the single responsibility principle in server-side architecture, talk about typical problems of his current project and share working recipes against paranoia of endless and painful inter-component integration. Drozd, an Intellij IDEA plugin for monitoring Java environments, will also be introduced. Modern enterprise Java applications are often just one application server that runs the “cart and small cart” of web applications and EJBs. Thus, if the JVM crashes on which the application server is running, then all the components are immediately unavailable. A typical solution to this problem is clustering. However, in fact, correctly configuring the cluster is not as simple as described in the application server manuals. And what to do if the application is built on a lightweight framework like Spring? In this case, you can look at the problem of providing fault tolerance from a different angle and design the application as a set of interacting JVMs with fine-grained functionality on board. With this approach, a number of interesting opportunities and rakes open, which I really want to share with you.

    Mikhail Vaysman
    Software Development Consultant (Java, C / C ++ and Ruby)
    Mikhail has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years: Java and Ruby developer, system administrator, tester. He has experience in major world-famous companies, such as Exigen, SUN Microsystems, Deutsche Bank.
    He is one of the founders of SPRUG - St. Petersburg Ruby User Group, as well as co-author of the DYNAMIC SOFTWARE DOCUMENTATION patent (registered in the United States 20100146483).
    Topic: “Git plumbing fixture or what porcelain hides”

    Bavarian restaurant Schwaben Keller
    Revolution Highway 3
    St. Petersburg

    Free shuttle bus “Theorem” from metro station “Ploshchad Lenina”
    K137 minibus
    Buses 37 and 106 - a stop at the intersection of Polyustrovsky and Piskarevsky Ave. An
    additional shuttle bus will be provided from the Schwaben Keller restaurant to Ploshchad Lenina metro station

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