How to retain valuable personnel: recipes for small companies

    The key reasons why employees decide to change jobs are dissatisfaction with wages, career inability, lack of interest, understanding that in another place, they can do better and better.

    As soon as employers are not sophisticated to retain specialists. They introduce a flexible schedule, organize entertainment events, reward employees bonuses, buy cookies at the office, give out gym memberships and other goodies.

    Giant employers can afford a lot - organize staff training, establish a corporate hobby, equip recumbent jobs, and in some cases even arrange for the entire office to move to another city or country in order to save employees from routine. In a race to create better working conditions, it is very difficult for small companies to compete with large brands, and the best have to be let go.

    How to fight for the best personnel if the employer does not have excessive resources? Here is a list of simple but effective recommendations that I made based on my own experience.

    1. Give workers more freedom
    Do not put people in the official framework and do not force to strictly follow the rules. In such conditions, your frames will turn into robot units. They will go to the office to work out paid hours, and not to develop the company. In the end, they will want to go where it will be possible to throw out their potential.

    2. Clearly outline goals and objectives.
    Giving freedom, do not forget that a person wants to know where he is going. Do not make the subordinate to guess what you expect from him. Often, such conjectures lead in the wrong direction. A small five-minute meeting will help set priorities, eliminate doubts and provide the employee with a sense of confidence.

    3. Get closer to the team
    Delegating tasks is important and necessary, but letting your colleagues go free swimming, stay on the same wavelength with them. Do not lock the power in one hand, be aware of all the processes, take an interest in the successes and problems of everyone, and then the letter of resignation will not fall on your table, like snow on your head in clear weather.

    4. Do not inspire employees that they are mediocre.
    Even if you are dissatisfied with the results of work, look for the right ways to improve. Encouraging even small achievements to act is much more effective than repeatedly whipping the whip. Endless criticism will force the employee to go where they can be appreciated.

    5. Eliminate bureaucracy
    Do not imitate large companies in the preparation of plans and reports, the provision of statements, references and explanatory. Save energy and nerves of subordinates for more important and interesting tasks. Let this be your advantage over large structures.

    6. Ensure growth
    Remember, about a quarter of employees quit simply because they want change. Arrange it for them. If the range of posts in your company is small, be sure to think about horizontal staff growth. Organize corporate training, expand the responsibilities of a long-working employee, entrust him with the development of a new direction. If your budget does not allow attracting coaches from the outside, conduct seminars on your own, share experience, and contribute in every way to the self-education of subordinates.

    7. Do not forget about internal communications.
    Do not leave employees alone with their duties. Let them feel part of a big process. Talk aloud about the success of the company, thank colleagues, discuss with them plans for the future. This will serve as an excellent anchor for the retention of valuable personnel.

    8. Show an example.
    Setting goals and demanding their implementation is not enough for effective management. Learn how to stimulate people with their work and enthusiasm.

    9. Do not ignore material motivation.
    Forget about fines. It is unlikely that you will be able to save, but it is very likely to spoil the image of the company. And at your leisure, think about whether you forgot to revise the salary of an employee who has been showing brilliant results for the second year now.

    10. Take care of comfort.
    An employee should not carry stationery from home, and if his mouse breaks down, respond immediately. Show people care and respect, and then you do not have to burn precious time in search of new competent candidates.

    All this does not require large material costs, but some efforts for each of the items treat headaches associated with staff turnover well. Tested on yourself!

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