Why is bitcoin good?

    I was asked to help argued to prove that BTC is good, despite the negative reaction of Russia and some neighboring countries to them.

    By the way, how I characteristically settled on the map of the country, according to the attitude to BTC ...

    I decided that when discussing this issue on Habré, many more good arguments may appear that I myself won’t come up with.

    So - why are BTC good?

    For individuals


    Information about your bank cards is stored in banks. It is easy to find examples of how, due to the imperfection of security systems, information about cards is stolen by thousands and even sometimes millions. Each time, when paying with a card, you need to be afraid of dishonest sellers or waiters, and when inserting a card into an ATM - the presence of skimmers.
    For the safety of cash also have to worry. Starting from pickpockets in crowded places, and ending with safes, bank cells, etc. No money is a problem, a lot of money is another problem.
    Bitcoin wallet is easier to protect. Up to printing a passphrase on a piece of paper if you do not trust computers.

    Cheap translations worldwide (where there is Internet)

    Regular money transfers cost money, because you need to ensure their safety, keep records and verify the absence of double payments. For this, intermediaries take considerable interest. Moreover, it is interest from the cost of transfer - as if $ 100,000 is 100 times more difficult to transfer than $ 1000.
    With the help of Bitcoin, you can transfer funds anywhere in the world for a meager cost, not depending on the amount of transfer.

    Privacy protection

    When working with bank cards, you give intermediaries a bunch of information about yourself. Not surprisingly, so often she falls into the wrong hands. BTC allows you to not disclose your personal data when making payments.


    You can pay by staying anonymous altogether. Yes, payments are known to the entire system - but these are just the amounts and the generated addresses. You need to work hard to bind the address to the person.

    Simple smartphone payment system

    Simple applications have already been developed that allow you to pay BTC either by scanning a QR code from the screen of your smartphone, or through contactless NFC payments.

    No need to keep your computer / smartphone on or somehow manually accept bitcoins

    The system works so that if you receive a payment, it is already saved within the network, and you do not need to turn on the computer to confirm it, go to the bank for a signature or do something else. Even pick up as an e-mail, there is no need.

    No inflation

    The system is designed in such a way that new BTCs flow in at a limited speed and their total number is limited. Therefore, in the future, you will not face the depreciation of savings due to the fact that some country has turned on its printing press.

    For business

    Inability to return payments.

    Cases of fraud with card payments are known when a payment is made, and then it is withdrawn by the buyer. The insurance of these cases ultimately falls on the business in the form of interest that intermediaries charge for servicing payments.
    Since Bitcoin does not imply a refund, there are no risks.

    Low interest

    There are no intermediaries, no interest for receiving payments - they do not need to be included in the cost of goods and services.
    Growing market

    Now the BTC market is growing, and joining it today, business is winning.

    High transparency operations.

    Since the network includes a global log of all operations, one can demonstrate the absence of theft and complete openness of the business.

    Human pluses

    BTC is not regulated by any state or company.

    No organization can directly influence the course or distribution of BTC, imposing its will on others for political or any other reasons.

    Arguments against

    There are several arguments against cryptocurrencies. Let's try to refute them.

    This is solid terrorism and money laundering.

    Have mercy. Fraudsters and illegal merchants existed, exist, and will exist in the near future. The fact that the tool can be used by criminal elements clearly does not lead to the need for its prohibition. You cannot forbid using knives because they are killing someone.
    In addition, the palm in all criminal matters was carried and will continue to carry the good old cash - the only truly anonymous means of payment. But we will not cancel them on this basis? In the fight against crime, one should not forget that first of all it is necessary to take care of the convenience of honest citizens, and only then to catch criminals. Otherwise, it would have been forbidden to leave the house without an escort of a policeman - if only crime had fallen ...
    And crime will find what to use. Here, the famous ancient Hawala translation network .
    It was before the appearance of the first banks in Europe, and will exist for a very long time. Money goes on a call (by email, fax, SMS) and no one can track this.

    Big BTC Volatility

    Well, oil also has great volatility. Prices over the past 40 years have jumped by an order. Many wars are arranged specifically so that prices go back and forth. Will we ban oil?
    In fact, BTC price hikes are only of interest to those who want to use them to store savings or investments. If you want to quickly exchange your currency for BTC and buy something for BTC, you absolutely do not care how much it cost yesterday or will cost tomorrow.

    This is not money, because nobody releases them

    And since no one releases, then there is no one to ask. Oh well. Here the United States issues dollars. Who can ask something from the USA? Someone forbade them to turn on the printing press or issue bonds or ruin the entire world economy? I don’t remember.
    But BTC is not affected by anyone. The more people use them, the better they feel.

    BTC prone to hacker attacks

    As already mentioned, stealing a BTC will be more difficult than information from a credit card, or a wallet from a pocket at the station. And what to do, no one is safe from losses - it happens that the bank cells are opened. There is nothing to lose only to someone who has nothing.

    This is only for geeks.

    I think that when creating a bank card system, many grannies also complained that money with coins is understandable, and all these cards are a devil's invention.
    About 10 years ago, a much larger percentage of people than now, could not use even simple mobile phones. Now both young and old go with smartphones, so paying through the application will be no more difficult for them than playing Angry Birds.


    So, it seems that everyone is happy - but only if one pursues universal interests and strives to improve life. What the current leadership of the country is striving for is not very clear to me personally. It seems that the construction of a high wall, so that if someone had something better, then this would not have been noticeable.
    In addition, since officials do not understand modern technologies further than playing on tablets, it is very difficult to explain to them why some laws are disgustingly bad and hamper the development of the country. I hope that someone will try to explain it to them, using all the possibilities.

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