KotlinConf 2018 Live - see the broadcast on October 4-5

    On October 3-5, Amsterdam will host KotlinConf 2018 , an event that we have been preparing for a whole year. 2 days of sessions, a whole day of workshops, 1,200 participants - we look forward to the beginning.

    For those who are not able to come, we have good news: on October 4-5, there will be an open broadcast of the main stream of KotlinConf 2018 Live sessions :

    • Kotlin's main updates in keynote of Andrei Breslav, Kotlin project manager;
    • 14 online sessions with key members of the team Kotlin and ecosystems (a full list of sessions KotlinConf 2018: October 4 , October 5 );
    • closing with a question and answer session (ask your question now on Twitter with the hashtag # kc18ask).

    Join us, register to not miss the broadcast and get a record after the conference.


    Keynouts and sessions

    The KotlinConf 2018 Live broadcast will start on October 4th at 9:00 CEST from the keyout. It will be devoted to major updates Kotlin. After the keyout, we plan to broadcast all the sessions from the Effectenbeurzaal during the two days of the conference. There will be reports from key members of the Kotlin team from JetBrains, as well as authors and contributors to the Kotlin ecosystem. Speakers in this session stream: Jake Wharton, Christina Lee, Venkat Subramaniam, Alicia Karr and others ( full schedule ).


    Closing of KotlinConf 2018 will take place on October 5 at 17:15 CEST. It will include a question and answer session, which can now be set online. Write your question on Twitter with the hashtag # kc18ask and join the broadcast .

    We are looking forward to meeting you at a conference or online,
    your team is JetBrains
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