Video talk from CodeFest 2014

    We are pleased to share with you a recording of our performances and videos from a unique section on high loads from the CodeFest conference. You can ask your questions to the reports in the comments and we will answer them.

    1. “Panel: Trends in high-load Internet projects.”
    Alexey fisher Rybak (Badoo) brought together the best experts from Yandex,, 2GIS and Communico, and discussed with them current trends in the development and support of large, high-load projects. Plus, experts talked about interesting solutions and shared personal experiences.

    2. "Puppet as a starting point in the company."
    Anton banuchka Turkish, Badoo.

    3. "Learning from mistakes in organizing and conducting testing."
    Ilya Relz Kudinov, Badoo.

    4. “Panel: Do IT companies need techno-PR?”.
    Representatives of 2GIS, Badoo, Yandex and are trying to figure out what techno-PR is and why it is needed.

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