Crowdfunder Memo


    So far this is only a theory, compilation of information from the Internet and a few speculations in order to bring the information in this leaflet into a convenient form for effective use to someone who wants to find financing for their startup on sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

    I hope that after some time we will actually fulfill all these points in search of financing our project and then this publication will be edited taking into account new nuances.

    Criticism, comments and, most importantly, suggestions for improving this memo are also welcomed, based on your experience in publishing projects on crowdfunding platforms.
    Thanks in advance!

    Crowdfunder Memo

    For a hardware startup, but with minor changes, it is suitable for other projects


    1. Create a todo-list of items for the entire campaign for publishing the project on Kickstarter (instead of Kickstarter, you can take another crowdfunding platform).
    2. Search similar projects on Kickstarter.
    3. Decide exactly what name / brand the project will have, verify that it is free and register a domain (priority .com, .io, .co).
    4. To place on a domain, at first, a simple site, you can even just a feedback form or a page with contacts, the main thing is that there should be at least some kind of information, for example, an e-mail text or picture.
    5. Create accounts in social networks for the project. If you have powerful personal accounts of social networks (many friends, followers), you can publish information about the project from them.


    1. Create a prototype device!


    1. Make a large number of photos and several prototype videos from different angles and in different lighting.
    2. Make a video of the “program speech” of the founders telling about the project in the form of small clips on the topics: Brief description of the device, Advantages of the device, Benefit to the baker, Benefit to human progress, Interesting features of the project.
    3. Hire a freelancer to make a video clip of a photo and video for 1.5-3 minutes.
    4. Make photo and video media content for publication on social networks, branded avatars for forums, avatars for communities on social networks, write texts and announcements for publication on social networks, short thematic videos.
    5. Create projects for printing souvenirs, t-shirts, business cards and branding packaging materials from photos and logos.


    1. Scrupulously once again calculate the cost of one instance of the device, taking into account explicit and implicit costs.
    2. Calculate the cost of souvenirs (t-shirts, mugs, decorative reduced copies of the device).
    3. Calculate the cost of shipping souvenirs and devices.
    4. Add commission and transaction costs
      • Kickstarter percentage (5%),
      • Amazon percentage (2.9% + $ 0.30 * number of bakers),
      • the percentage of the intermediary company (10%),
      • interest for a bank transfer to an account with a local bank (1%),
      • cash withdrawal at a local bank (1%),
      • TOTAL: ~ 20-22%,

    5. Taking into account the cost and fees, set the “cost” of devices and souvenirs (for example, give a T-shirt for $ 10, and you can already give a mug for $ 15, etc.).


    1. We are publishing a new project on Kickstarter.
    2. If necessary, we edit, supplement the information on the project page.

    PR of the project on Kickstarter

    1. PR, wherever we can, our project on Kickstarter:
      • We write reviews and send them for publication on thematic blogs and portals,
      • we publish project news in social networks,
      • other SMM methods.


    1. We publish on the site the names of the bakers ("Hall of Fame").
    2. We order at the advertising agency the creation of souvenirs and T-shirts with the brand of the project for the right amount, plus a little for gifts to friends, adherents and for putting on theme events.
    3. We send souvenirs and t-shirts to bakers.
    4. We buy components and materials for creating devices (it is better to go to China and buy from the factory or factory, and then send it in one pack to the workshop location).
    5. We create devices, send them to bakers, fulfilling obligations to them.
    6. We again order components and materials in China to ensure the necessary number of devices when orders begin to arrive after the feedback of satisfied bakers who have received their devices.

    Please write your comments on the items, their order of placement, which is incorrect or, conversely, is not added to this memo.

    The legal component is not considered, as in this I am a layman. Maybe someone from experienced startups will write about it in the comments and, together, we, Khabrovites, will get a useful memo for everyone who wants to publish their project on crowdfunding platforms.


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