Is there life with a phone for <1000 rubles?


    Something has not been seen for good reviews for a long time, and I so dreamed of trying myself as the author of one of them) For my short life I had about a dozen phones. Dear and as you learn from this review, cheap. Meet Philips Xenium: Key Tech. data ( market ):

    • Dual SIM Support
    • Screen diagonal 2 inches
    • Support for memory cards up to 4 GB
    • 1050 mAh battery capacity
    • Talk time 8:00 h: min
    • Standby time 850 h

    The first point is support for two SIM cards, I don’t know how to do it, but I didn’t set up any redirects, but everything works fine. Both SIM cards are active in the full sense of the word. Throughout the phone, they are quite clearly divided: in the settings, in messages, in calls, everywhere there is a note about which SIM card in question.

    The diagonal of the screen does not bother with its small by modern standards area. SMSki are read conveniently, I also do not feel discomfort when working with the address book.

    There is no Java support, there are two pre-installed games: Fifteen and Robot. I have not used memory cards yet, I could not check how they work, but I think everything is standard. But there is a MiniUSB port, which also replaces the 3.5 jack for headphones. Similar headphones included.

    It is fantastic, simple and convenient. Separate paragraph about:

    What is worth discussing separately is the operating time, maybe those who charge their HTC Legend every day will understand me. Philips originally relied on battery life. And they did it. The phone worked without recharging for 9 days of my trip to Europe.


    Pros of this phone (and most likely the entire Xenium series)
    1. Easy to use, the built-in device "Antigik", also referred to as "Phone mom." The glass is half full, half empty - see point 1 of the shortcomings.
    2. High-quality support for two SIM cards.
    3. Reliable. My copy more than once fell to the floor, and nothing (Offtopic: Once I had a chance to “wash” their headphones in a typewriter, nothing happened to them. Even better, they became like new).
    4. Long battery life.

    1. No App Store \ Android Market. No Java support. Anyway, this is not a Geek phone; Twitter cannot be put there (.
    2. No wifi. Although taking into account Punt 1, it is not really needed there.
    3. No sync with Google Accounts. The main reason for me to have an Android phone is to synchronize everything (contacts, sms, mail) with Goolge Accounts.
    4. There is an MP3 player, but there is no standard 3.5 input, and only MiniUSB is present - this is an epic file I think. Although it is charging from it.

    Yes, I’m finishing) I got the phone while I gave my HTC Legend to my friend, and I was waiting for the iPhone, I decided to wait a while with Apple, but I really like this one. So the temporary phone turned into a regular one.

    PS At the time of purchase - December 2011, the phone cost 990 rubles.
    PPS People, forgive me for the quality of the illustrations) I still have not figured out how to put the lights on normally, but I don’t know how to draw by hand. Just wanted to add something positive)

    See you.

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