Qt SDK 1.2 application development software released

    We are pleased to announce the release of the Qt SDK 1.2 application development software package. And it is interesting not only in that the date and time of the release coincides with its version: the package was released at 12:12 on the first of February 2012 ( 12:12 1.2.12 ).

    The new SDK includes the latest version of Qt Creator 2.4.1 and the Qt 4.8 library for desktop and embedded Windows, Mac, Linux / X11 (which appeared separately in December 2011). In short, the new SDK 1.2 includes improvements for the target assemblies of Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan 1.2, more than 20 new Qt Mobility examples in Qt Creator, as well as the ability to easily integrate In-App Purchasing APIs into Qt applications, allowing developers to implement purchases within their own Qt- mobile applications.

    Key Benefits of the Updated Listing SDK

    Qt Creator 2.4.1

    Qt Creator 2.4.1 is a patch that contains some improvements and fixes for Qt Creator 2.4:
    • Updates to C ++ and QML editors, such as syntax highlighting in QML and improved static code checks in QML;
    • Improved code refactoring utilities;
    • Ready to reuse “schemas” for programming styles (C ++ and QML) between projects.

    Qt 4.8 for desktop and embedded Windows, Mac, and Linux / X11

    • An abstraction of the Qt platform, which makes it even easier to port QtGui to a new window system;
    • Improvements to Qt Quick, including the ability to embed OpenGL shader effects into Qt Quick applications using the QML shader add-on;
    • Update Qt Webkit 2.2.1 from the WebKit project, including a large number of improvements in HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies;
    • Multithreaded OpenGL makes it even easier and safer for multiple threads to display OpenGL from more than one thread at a time.

    New Qt Mobility Examples

    • The updated version of the Qt SDK contains over 20 examples of Qt Mobility.

    In-App Purchasing

    In-App Purchasing allows developers to provide additional (premium) content for purchase within games or applications, for example, new things / levels / functionality, as well as try and buy application updates directly inside the application with the appropriate interface.

    This feature can provide additional sources of income from mobile Qt applications. The beta version of the In-App Purchasing API was previously available for self-installation, but now this component can be added when configuring the Qt SDK by simply using the SDK configuration utility.

    Using In-App Purchasing in applications can significantly increase the income of mobile developers. With the strong continued growth in downloads of Qt applications in the Nokia Store, as well as the growth of the Nokia Store itself (with about 11 million downloads per day ), Qt continues to be a good choice for mobile app developers for over 155 million Qt- enabled Nokia phones .


    Download the new Qt SDK 1.2 at Nokia Developer . Read the full Qt SDK update information here .

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