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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 71 - Ivan Akulov on how and why to base your performance consulting agency at 20 years old
    podcastCSSSR podcast News 512 - Issue 22 ( September 17 - September 23 )
    Weekly Vuepodcast podcast # 5
    podcastPodcast Five Minute React » # 48 There are two books : The Greatness of Vue.js 2 (The Majesty of Vue.js 2) and the Path to Exploring React (The Road to learn React) - which one will you read and which friend will you advise?
    podcast“Devshakhta Podcast”: # 51: 12-factor applications
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Youth (18+)” # 65: DDoS-attack on your CSS , # 64: 33 life hacking for increasing productivity
    podcastenPresentable Podcast # 51 : Oral history of web standards with Jeffrey Zeldman

    Web development

    Web architecture: fundamentals for beginners
    Google massively moves websites to mobile-first indexing , but a full transition to mobile-first indexing may take years
    Google has proposed a new management model for the AMP project
    enBing AMP viewer and Bing AMP cache view
    enWhat defines a good front-end developer?


    CSS Grid - Swiss Army Knife for Website Layouts and Applications
    CSS Grid Chemistry
    enRefresh CSS Bookmarklet v2 . Updated Irish classic bookmarklet by Lia Vera
    enFlexbox: how big are elements in a Flex container?
    enA visual demonstration of the transform-origin property
    enHaving fun with hover effects for links
    enWhat is Modular CSS?


    habrPorting JS to Elbrus
    • New releases: Electron 3.0 was released, a framework for creating native JS applications , Next.js 7 , Gatsby 2.0.0 ,
    enLess code, more applications: how Vulcan.js makes me an effective developer
    en5 tips for better writing of conditional expressions in javascript
    enBundlephobia - Want to keep the size of javascript bundles small? With, you can check the size of dependencies before adding them to the project
    enAbout creating a game for the js13K “Underrun” competition
    enHow to create an interactive tool for building Flex layouts on JS


    Mozilla introduced the final version of the Firefox Reality browser for glasses and virtual reality helmets
    Microsoft has already turned off the Windows 10 feature, discouraging users from installing other browsers instead of Edge
    enIntercepting and modifying requests in Chrome using Devtools Protocol


    Google: we completely index and rank content in tabs
    Unicorn path: how GitLab went to a valuation of $ 1 billion
    Google failed Twitch cloning and called rare gamers to watch YouTube
    MIT created a neural network that recognized objects by voice description
    VKontakte launched podcast platform
    Why YouTube Gaming lost the competition on Twitch
    Bug fixes: How I live with dyslexia

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