New MegaIndex Functionality: Strengthening Links by Live Users


    We have already introduced the readers of our corporate blog to ALTWeb’s main product - an integrated solution based on a link aggregator, MegaIndex - and the recently launched but already quite successful PFLink project. Good news for all users who organize combined marketing programs: now you can use PFLink functionality directly from MegaIndex.

    Experiment: How Link Strength Affects Ranking

    We selected 2,000 sites from the MegaIndex sample and for several months we tested the technology of link strengthening with PFLink transitions. Since giving a certain weight to user activity when switching from external links implies the use of large-scale calculations, the first results from such activity begin to be noticeable a month after the start of the campaign, and we achieve a large-scale effect in the form of giving more weight to external links over a period of three months .

    Experiment Conditions

    The experimental conditions implied that part of the budget for the purchase of links was allocated to strengthen them using the new PFLink service, directly accessible from the MegaIndex interface. The reference mass also maintained the same growth dynamics. At the same time, existing and new links were provided by transitions of live PFLink users.


    The results of the experiment were as follows:
    1. Increase in site positions: +7 - +35 (depending on the previous volume and quality of SEO)
    2. Budget for link strengthening per month: 500 - 1000 rubles with 200 - 1000 external links.

    After positive test results, about two weeks ago, the joint project PFLink and MegaIndex became available to a wide range of users.

    In accordance with the results, we recommend making 3-5 clicks on each purchased link per month, which will increase the transferred weight by 2-3 times, affecting various ranking factors.

    Briefly: link enhancement technology

    Recall that the technology of enhancing links by user clicks allows you to adapt your SEO strategy to the modern change in search engine algorithms, which pay more and more attention to user factors when ranking search results.

    We already wrote that recently Yandex has been quite actively developing BrowseRank technology, as evidenced by their research, such as Fresh BrowseRank, as well as the results that we achieve with MegaIndex tools when we influence the corresponding algorithms important for this , indicators.

    Launching a link enhancement campaign directly from MegaIndex

    Good news for all MegaIndex users:
    1. You can start the PFLink campaign directly from your MegaIndex account
    2. You get a 10% discount when you launch your link strengthening campaign.

    Thus, MegaIndex users can now launch a 1-click link strengthening campaign - at the same time, one click on the link will cost only 1.80 rubles for our customers.

    A few words about the user profile selection system

    PFLink has access to its own user profile selection functionality. This allows you to organize clicks on your links in strict accordance with the target audience of the promoted resource. Why is this necessary?

    1. If statistics are collected on your site through one of the free services provided by search engines, search engines already have an idea about your target audience. Any activity should be justified from this point of view.

    2. If you order click links in another service that does not have user selection functionality, you run the risk of ensuring clicks of people of any age, gender and interests, without reference to the requirements for your audience. A surge of such activity is regarded by the search engines as suspicious.

    Thus, at the moment, PFLink is most likely a unique solution in terms of creating natural link traffic. At least we do not have data on similar functionality in competing systems.

    4 steps: set up your link enhancement campaign in MegaIndex

    To enable link strengthening via MegaIndex you need to click on the corresponding link in the procurement control panel:


    And then set the required number of clicks (the recommended number is 3-5 clicks per 1 link per month):


    If you want to make link strengthening that are placed without purchasing means MegaIndex, then for them it will be necessary to add a separate group:


    You can also configure the distribution of users who will perform tasks on clicking on links, and the depth of sessions:


    Quality control The tasks are completed using the manual moderation system as well as by providing the customer with detailed reports containing screenshots
    According to the results of each task, you get a detailed report in the form of screenshots, according to the results of each step.

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