Nimbus Note 2 - New Version, New Features

    We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of our remarkable Nimbus Note app for Android. The new version has a lot of changes, including: an updated design, audio / video / TODO notes, support for file attachments and much more. And more details can be read under the cut.

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    Updated design and quick notes panel

    In the new version of the application, we have worked quite tightly on the design. No, the basic elements have not changed, but here we have changed the color scheme and made it more contrast. We also added a panel of “quick” notes, which is quite logical, given the new types of notes. Now the user can create in one click not only a text or photo note, but also an audio / video, as well as a TODO note (he is also a checklist).


    Support for file attachments <

    The new version has the ability to create audio and video notes, as well as open and attach file attachments. There are no restrictions, except for sizes. In the free plan, you can attach file attachments up to 10 megabytes in size (for example, this is an audio note several hours long).


    Quickly create task lists

    If before, to add a list of tasks to a note, you had to go through several steps (create a note - save - add tasks), now you can simply create a TODO note in one tap and quickly enter the necessary tasks. You can also add / change tasks directly from the editor window.


    Two types of notes display

    By default, we have the content displayed in one column, that is, you can read notes without horizontal scrolling. This type of display is most convenient for mobile devices, but there are times when you need to display a note, as it looked on the site (for example, clips of web pages) or consider a larger picture more carefully. For such cases, we have added an additional mode for displaying notes - “Like on the site”. To enable it, it is enough to uncheck the checkbox In one column, which we conveniently placed in the menu when viewing notes.

    Improved Editor

    Could not remain unchanged and our editor. Firstly, we added a marker, which allows us to highlight important points of a note with color. Secondly, they added an autosave mode (it can be turned on in the menu), which eliminates the possibility of losing printed material. Also, we did a good job on the “internal” part of the editor, which had a good effect on its overall speed, and also solved some old problems.


    ... and much more

    Of the other changes worth noting:

    • A widget for quickly creating notes;
    • Search the content of notes (online only);
    • Improved work with pictures in the editor;

    If you find a problem in the application or would like some new feature, then we will be happy to hear from you.

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