Wi-fi on the passport. Rebuttal!

    The Moscow government denies the need to present a passport. So everything is in order, exhale.

    Wi-Fi users in public places in Moscow will not be required to present a passport after the entry into force of a decree of the Russian government to ban anonymous access to the Internet through collective access points. This was announced by the head of the Department of Information Technology of Moscow Artem Ermolaev. He clarified that the decision would not affect public space. “This will not apply to Wi-Fi points in parks, metro, universities, schools, hospitals in Moscow. Use Wi-Fi and enjoy the internet. This is precisely about the points of collective access, and when that document was issued, they had in mind their universal communication services. No one is going to restrict Wi-Fi in public areas. This only applies to access points.

    Upd: as a perfectly reasonable person writes to me on Facebook a person named Badiboy (by the way, this intelligent person is still read-only, so he writes in a workaround)

    I read all the discussions, including articles on the hub, comments and news. The problem is that no one seems to have read the decree to the end.
    And the problem is not on the second page, but in the last paragraph of the last page.

    There is an unpleasant point there at the end of the paper.
    The contract with the subscriber - legal entity or individual entrepreneur ... ... stipulates the obligation to provide the telecom operator ... a list of persons using its user (terminal) equipment.
    This is it, about WiFi. This means that if the Internet contract is drawn up on a legal entity / individual, then any legal entity, including restaurants, should give out lists of visitors and employees sitting on its Internet, those who connect to its WiFi, house providers must give out a list of residents using their internet specialist (not only the one with whom the contract was concluded) and a hell of a bunch I don’t know what ...
    In general, one more senseless and obviously impracticable decision. For which it will be possible to take anyone for testicles, because it is impossible to perform it.

    UPD2: clarification from the Ministry of Communications, after which there are even more questions.

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