How does the domain name affect your click in search results?

This post, in its essence, consists of some questions, for each of which you answer the non-comments several times a day. Moreover, completely unconsciously. Can you describe this unconscious in words now?

I'd like to know your opinions on what matter. Imagine that you typed in Yandex or Google some new request for yourself. From an area in which you do not know any authoritative resources. How do you then, looking at the search results, decide where to click?

It’s clear that you are looking at the name of the link and the snippet (text below the link). Imagine that they all do not bother you and focus on the other. Tell me, does the name of the domain itself affect your decision to switch? And how does it affect?

Which domain is a priori more attractive to you:
1. Containing an English translation of words from a given subject
2. Containing transliterated words from a given subject
3. Containing Russian words from a given subject
4. Some short domain name without reference to this subject (such as tut. com / “article”) I

also really want to know if the long domain names and the “.rf” zone scare you? At some training I heard that it’s bad if there are more than three words in the domain. They explained that for SEO this is bad. But I basically do not care about SEO in this case.

Perhaps you now have a question: "Why all this?" It all started with the fact that I made a couple of great thematic materials, but I did not have decent places to put them. And I just took and duplicated the title of the material in the domain name, turning the materials into single-page sheet sites. After some time, I wondered if I was getting excited. Would such monstrous domains scare visitors? Maybe it's worth moving to something short?

Let's get some examples. Imagine that you are doing home repairs and want to learn how to lay a laminate with your own hands? You type this request in a search engine, get a bunch of links to articles on different sites, such as or and among this list a site crawls out with the address: http: //www.addressing- laminate- with your own hands.rfThat is, the domain directly indicates that it has the answer to your question. What will be your attitude to such a domain? Interested in? Will push away?

And immediately the second example. Suppose you decide to go in for your figure and sport. There are a lot of sites about losing weight, so you have formulated your goal more specifically, say, “exercises for losing weight on the abdomen” or “exercises for losing weight on the sides”. We typed in a search engine and in the issuance, in addition to articles on websites, such as and, such a resource crawls out: http: //www.exercises- for- losing weight- belly.rf What will be your reaction to such a monstrous long domain name?

Actually, I summarize again. Do you have a favorite spelling of domains on a subconscious level or, conversely, is unacceptable? Are you afraid of long domains, including how you will react if the domain name directly promises an answer to your question?
I will be very grateful for your opinions!

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Which domains do you like and which ones repel?

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