Nigerian performer offers cut off pirates fingers

    The Nigerian government said last August that it plans to strengthen measures to combat piracy, but singer Stella Monye believes that this is not enough. She offers her elegant and very effective way: for each case of copyright infringement cut off one finger.

    Afam Ezekude (pictured center), director of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), saidthat plans to introduce new laws to eradicate online piracy in the country. He stated that piracy is booming, and current laws unfortunately do not work. However, some of his colleagues were surprised by this statement. They believe that instead of focusing on the Internet, it would be better to tackle the ever-increasing number of counterfeit CDs and DVDs sold. However, Ezekude objected that in our digital era, the first thing to do is to track and punish Internet criminals.

    A year has passed, but it seems that the actions of the authorities do not suit the artists. Last week, Stella Monye toldNiger news agency that only decisive action can stop the pirates. It is useless to sue them - they will pay a fine and go pirate again. And a couple of pirates should cut off their fingers, and the rest will be scared. Those who are not afraid will be gradually cut off their fingers, and they simply will not be able to pirate.

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