Ladies of warez

    Usually, the word "pirate" means someone male, forgetting at the same time that among women there were dashing pirates. This article is about girls and their role in the warez community of the 90s and 00s.

    The girls on the Stage have always been, from the very beginning and until now, although the state of the Scene now is sadness and pain (when you see the Evolution team releasing iTunes rips, grief rolls over). If we talk about the number, then there are about the same number of girls on the Stage as in Counter-Strike or World of Tanks - enough.


    When the concept of warez-scene was just formed, then there were few girls there. At that time, the computers themselves were not yet so widespread and there were only a few girls who would be interested. As a rule, these were cyber-feminists who tried to prove that women too could “drag” them. Their role cannot be understated, but their influence on the then state of affairs was minimal.

    Over time, when after many transformations the concept of “warez-team” was formed as such, those of the girls who were interested in hanging out, but lacked the knowledge to take the positions of crackers, became couriers - this was one of the most common “ladies'” positions . Behind her were the position of the packer ( packager ), tester releases and software vendor ( supplier) For example, in the early years, a large number of such positions in many well-known CORE teams (Challenge of Reverse Engineering) were occupied precisely by girls:

    And for quite a long time, such a status quo was established: “girls help”. Despite this, women still remained for the most part only decoration of teams, BBSok, IRC channels and so on. They were used as a "lure" so that people would come to see the "live pirate girl." Unfortunately, usually after this the chat rooms of the teams turned into a litmus test that showed who was sexually preoccupied, who was a schoolboy, who was just a moron, and who could behave normally in a society of women. Some young crackers who had white matter in their heads instead of gray matter got burnt on it - after inadequate tacking to their female comrades, they were expelled from the teams.

    The main motivating factor for women to join various teams was exactly the same - getting access to warez, which, in principle, could be sold. In addition, once you receive something for free, then you really do not want to pay for similar things. It is worth mentioning that most of the women who joined the pirate groups had something in common - character traits that are inherent in men, because it was never interesting for “girls-girls” at all. And some, whom we will discuss below, did have ambitions that their fathers would envy.

    And creative came

    Time passed. With the increasing global speed of Internet access and technology in general, teams have the opportunity to make releases more interesting (although the competitive aspect of the Scene called “who will release the smaller volume in floppy disks” remained one of the main ones). It was then - in the second half of the 90s - that the teams began to pay attention to the release wrapper and the distinctive features, i.e. graphic attributes (and with it cracktro, intro, patchtro, etc.). Logos were drawn, interruptions of the loading screens of games, wallpapers — a little by little the hirez art scene began to form, and it “suddenly” turned out that if the girls were inferior to the guys in the hack, then there was definitely no creative. It was in this that a large number of girls found themselves who began to occupy designer positions in different teams. By the way, from the part, it came from that design was not considered a male occupation at that time (which cannot be said about the future history of the Art Scene). For example, the composition of the GFX department of the teamTCA (The Cracking Answer):

    So the girls switched from presence as a decoration to full participation in the life of teams, because the demand for graphics was huge, especially when it was just starting to appear. This gave those who owned graphic editors a tool of influence, however, the cracker girls were still depressingly few.

    Ladies only

    Somewhere at the same time, the first women's teams began to appear , where most of the participants were women . The most famous of these teams was TEAM GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Warez) with the motto “ we release more than just eggs ”. The vast majority of the team really were girls, and top management was purely female. It would be strange to think that for women everything will be the same as for men ... and there were differences.

    For example, just like Playboy magazine has “Playmate of the Month”, TEAM GLOW had its own “man of the month”, which the girls chose based on the merits of this or that guy in front of the team. Did someone fit 10 shells for free? Or maybe he sent two laptops to top management? Gave 50 of his releases this month to the team? Gave 2 gigabytes on FTP? In general, there were different ways to become the “Man of the Month” and a real fight went on for this title.

    But these are trifles. As I said, there were still very few female crackers at that time and this led to, for example, TEAM GLOW and TEAM AMZ(Amazons) outsourced between 50% and 80% of the work of directly hacking software. That is, guys from other teams or loners still cracked the software, after which they transferred their releases to the girls who were involved in testing, packaging, graphics and distribution. In this case, of course, the name of the original cracker was preserved, but the release came out on behalf of the team. The scheme turned out to be simple and not only the two above-mentioned groups actively used it.

    Of course, such teams (due to their masculine nature) received various preferences and concessions. This was not customary to mention, but everyone knew and saw it perfectly. In addition, men tried to get into such teams (those who were not embarrassed to be in the "girl group"). And the number of applicants allowed the management of women's teams to choose men for themselves, and not just take everyone in a row. Thus, for example, during the same GLOW, at a certain time, such famous guys as thatDUDE , SiraX , thesaint and Skitz came in , who would not refuse not only the women's team, but also the men's one would tear off with their hands.

    Actually, not only individual guys wanted to be friends with such groups, but entire teams “rolled up” to the girls. It was expressed differently:

    - shared releases;
    - allowed to use their couriers to deliver female releases;
    - allowed women's teams to their boards and even received xHQ status later;
    - shared knowledge, tools, patch templates;
    - dedicated poems to .nfo;

    ... and most interesting - shared software vendors.

    There were not a few female teams, these are already mentioned GLOW and AMZ, as well as WiA (Women in Action), FF (Femmes Fatale), BNS (Bonnies), ROT(Reign of Tits) and 9 more. Only half of them were engaged in hacking by themselves, or at least took over most of them. And of this half, only a few, including WiA, tried to share knowledge in the form of tutorials, articles, any public tools, and so on. Closer to the sunset, the scenes in its classical sense, strong crackers began to appear, who could not only patch or write keygen, but also teach something else.

    Ladies of the decade

    Of course, all women's teams rested solely on the identities of their leaders, but a number of teams at different times could boast of girls in their top management: iNT, CNT, MDM, PC, EVD, ART, TQSR, TFT, CiA, PLC, M8, MFD, WkT and many others. And besides all these wonderful women, it’s worthwhile to talk about a couple of specific women who left a mark in the warez community, if not more than men, then definitely not less.


    It’s worth starting with Nitallica (Nicki), which, due to its friendliness, openness and ability to “manage projects”, has long been one of the key figures in the warez scene, which many have turned to for advice.

    In the early 90s, Nitti was known in narrow circles as an activist of the warez scene, gfx-artist and, let’s say, the press officer of several pirate teams, which was responsible for their public relations on boards, in conferences, through mail and so on. . But the real “fame” and respect came to her when she became at the helm of one of several truly legendary teams - Phrozen Crew (which I wrote about earlier). This happened in 2004, after the previous leader - tKC - retired.

    Being at that time for 8 years as a PC, Nicky could not just leave the crumbling team and did everything to reunite her. Having gone through “restructuring” and having lost a lot of its members, distribution channels, suppliers and influence, the PC, under the leadership of Nitalik, lasted another 4 years, constantly releasing new releases. It was for this crisis management that she rightfully enjoyed the respect and love of a large part of the pirate community.

    But her merits do not end there. Having dealt with Phrozen Crew, Nicky set to work on the public Internet, which by that time had become the main pirate site. She organized the so-called Nitallica's Web Ring- A large network of sites that were united by one theme - warez. This network included both web stores of releases, and sites with training materials, sites with graphics, just information platforms with news of the Scene, and so on. The authors of the sites communicated with each other and helped each other by sharing audiences (which were often polar). The web ring has enjoyed steady popularity among users interested in warez.

    In the 15 years she devoted to the Stage, this Alabama system administrator girl has influenced a large number of fates and people. By the way, she maintains a personal blog where she shares the weekdays of the system administrator, and redirects just to her. :) By the way, some other of the former Phrozen Crew members hang out on Geekdrop.comwho founded one of the once leaders of the PC.


    Another separate place in the history of the pirate community is occupied by a girl under the very original pseudonym Lena , or lena151, from the SnD (Seek'n'Destroy) team , which, surprisingly, is still alive and will release .

    She was recognized for writing over 40 reverse engineering tutorials. But she was especially loved for the video tutorials that were laid out on Youtube. Through her lessons, a lot of new people came to the cracker public community, who hacked their first applications precisely thanks to Lena. Although the content and presentation style of her lessons was questionable for many , she was the pride of the SnD team. Many web teams expressed their respect and recognition to her in .nfo files.

    In many ways, Lena was the driving force behind the Tuts4You website .which, along with New2Cracking for a certain number of people, has become a window into the world of cracking. Lena was one of those women who could be called a professional cracker. She started as a cracker, not a designer or, say, a courier. She was engaged only in this and her knowledge could compete with the elite of web teams. When in the mid-00s a layer of teams formed that focused on learning reverse engineering, for example, L2C , ARTeam, T53 and others, Lena was their guide. And how many Hindu hacking videos have appeared on Youtube after her series of lessons ...


    The third fatal girl with a male name Tirique is the founder of several audio-pirate teams at once , including GFTU (Girls Faster Than U), STMP3 (Sexy Time MP3) and a couple of others. At various times, she was a member of several other groups, including even one called Mademen . :) She became famous in audio-pirate circles for writing various tools for her teams: from release makers to the Lame Encoder GUI. Her teams had their own interesting profile. For example, GTFU was releasing only music performed by women, and STMP3 was releasing only “bed music” for ... sin. At one time a dispute, simultaneously with the leader of the BDG team(Beer Drinkers Group) passed one of the IQ tests, ahead of that by 15 points. Tirik was distinguished by a sparkling (often sarcastic) sense of humor for which she was loved by many on #EFNet. In addition, it was a real magnet for men because of its beauty (unfortunately, there were no live photos), which caused many scenes to break the template based on the stereotype “beautiful means not smart”.

    By the way, the fair sex was in our teams. For example, TQSR had Kioni to which only blind people did not drive their keygens, while RPA had Digital Scream . We can say that in every 3rd Russian team there was at least 1 girl.

    There were many other interesting ladies (taylor ^, .j, miss melody, girlie powa !, humble tess, unicorn rider, stryx77, wildwendy, dominata, flwsbabe and many, many others), but if you list all, you get a whole book, and the purpose of this article is only to show that the girls on the Stage were, and even achieved great success, while remaining cute, beautiful and beautiful creatures.

    Of course, it is worth distinguishing female scenes from the so-called "scene-whores", who, not being able to become popular in other circles, use their gender as a tool to attract attention in the IT community. There are many, but this article was not about them.

    The ratio of most non-IT women to cracks in the 90s

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