New "Exchange of authors" on Habré

    Today on "Habré" there are 500 active companies leading their blogs. A quarter of all community posts are from corporate blog authors. On the other hand, buying a subscription for blogging, companies are financing the future independence of Habr from display advertising. Already, corporate subscriptions provide a third of all project revenue.

    Thus, company blogs are an important part of the ecosystem of our IT community.

    To help companies maintain their corporate blogs, a few days ago, we launched the new Authors Exchange . Here the company can find an editor for its blog, as well as a temporary or permanent author.

    The link to the " Authors Exchange " is in the main menu.

    The exchange consists of two sections: “Orders” and “Authors”. In the "Orders" section, companies place orders about what they need for their corporate blog. Any user of "Habr" can respond to an order that he would like to complete by clicking on the appropriate button. Of all the respondents, the company selects the one she likes best and writes him a personal message through habrahpost with a proposal for cooperation.

    In the "Authors" section, companies can find the right author on their own. To do this, you need to drive into the search field the topic on which you want to write, and all users who have ever written something on this topic on the "Habr" will be shown. Next, it remains to choose the person you like and write him a personal message through habrahpost with a proposal for cooperation.

    On the exchange for each user you can always see what he most often writes about, what is his karma and rating. You can always also go into the profile of a person and see how he writes, what kind of response in the community gets his publications.

    The issue of remuneration is decided by each author independently in correspondence with the representative of the company making the proposal. In order for you to be found in the “Authors” section, you need to declare your readiness to participate in the exchange, check the corresponding box.

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