Runtastic Orbit: fitness tracker from the manufacturer of fitness applications

    Nowadays, fitness bracelets / trackers have been able to firmly occupy their niche in the ecosystem of wearable devices. At the same time, manufacturers of such gadgets are divided mainly into two types: the first - those that have long been engaged in the production of accessories and devices for athletes, the second - those who are engaged in the creation of smartphones and tablets, and decided to try a new niche for themselves.

    Runtastic is neither the first nor the second. This organization has long been developing fitness applications for people who lead an active lifestyle. These applications are compatible with a large number of fitness devices, and now with their own Runtastic fitness tracker, called Runtastic Orbit.

    Device Features Overview

    Since there are a lot of fitness bracelets, including Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike, you should immediately point out the distinguishing features of Runtastic Orbit:

    • light detector;
    • built-in OLED display;
    • owner mood tracker;
    • the possibility of swimming / diving under water with a bracelet to a depth of up to 100 m;
    • vibration notifications.

    Of course, there are other functions that can already be called standard. Judging by preliminary reviews, all this works, and works quite well:

    • Pedometer;
    • Determination of calories burned;
    • Determination of the distance traveled;
    • Sleep quality monitoring;
    • The ability to set goals and monitor their implementation (just in the role of a reminder and triggers vibration);
    • Storing information in the device’s memory for 7 days (if you need earlier statistics, you should synchronize the bracelet with the proprietary application);
    • Synchronizing data with the owner’s mobile device via Bluetooth;
    • Smart alarm clock (also vibrating). Thanks to the tracking of the phases of sleep, the bracelet wakes up a person at the optimal time for waking up.

    The owner of the device can set different goals (for example, go at least 5 thousand steps a day), and use the tracker to monitor the achievement of goals. Runtastic Online reminds you of the need to start working on a particular goal. The reminder is made by vibration - and not annoying, and you will always feel.

    As already mentioned, the tracker can also work as a smart alarm clock, tracking the phases of the owner’s sleep, and starting the wake up at a time when a person can wake up without problems. An ordinary alarm clock will “tear” you out of any phase of sleep, which does not always have a positive effect on performance and overall well-being. You can synchronize the data accumulated by the tracker with any of the Runtastic applications, including Runtastic Pro.



    The battery lasts for a week of active use of the device.


    The developer created a whole set of multi-colored bracelets and clips for Runtastic Orbit, so you can carry the tracker on your hand, behind your belt, just in your pocket and as a brooch.

    Includes 2 bracelets of different colors and a clip.

    Price and order

    In Russia, you can order Runtastic Orbit from Medgadgets for 5990 rubles.

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