20 great guru conversion quotes

    Among the huge number of blogs and articles on the topic of conversion and return from online stores, there are phrases and statements that are not inferior in capacity to the whole article, and sometimes surpass them. Many of them must be carved in stone and brain.

    The authors of these quotes are people with vast experience in the field of SEO, web design, copyright, usability, etc. Each of them managed to earn the respect of his colleagues and is highly regarded as a specialist, whose opinion is worth listening to.

    1 Brian Eisenberg

    Brian Eisenberg is a specialist in search engine optimization and marketing, author of The New York Times, one of the most sought after authors.

    Where there is friction, there are opportunities. Either you do something about it today, or your competitors do it.

    2. Guy Kawasaki

    Guy Kawasaki is a co-founder of Alltop.co and one of the founders of Garage Technology Ventures.

    If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, focus on inbound marketing.

    3. Ian Lurie

    Ian Lurie has fifteen years of experience in SEO. He is the CEO of Portent Interactive.

    Never write more than 3-4 lines of text. Just believe me. People do not want to read War and Peace. They won’t even read all of today's USA Today. Keep your descriptions short and captivating.

    4. Michael Aagard

    Michael Aagard is a freelance writer, a fan of copywriting and testing. He spends most of his time at work or pondering work.

    I'm not worried about best practices; I'm worried about conversion. That's why I test a lot.

    5. Tim Ash

    Tim Ash is the CEO of SiteTuners, the author of Landing Page Optimization, and the chair of the Conversion Conference.

    Delete images and interactive content if they are not directly related to your services. Quiet landing pages are often more effective.

    6. Pip Laya

    Pip Laya is an entrepreneur and SEO. He runs the unique Markitekt agency and is the face of the ConversionXL blog.

    You do not care about the user, he cares about himself and the solution to his problems. Remember this when creating your content.

    7. Oli Gardner

    Co-founder and creative director of Unbounce, and author of many articles on conversion, landing pages and social marketing.

    First kisses, and then sex. Have a little patience, do not ask the visitor for anything until the purchase.

    8. Carlos del Rio

    Carlos has over 7 years of experience designing, analyzing, and implementing web strategies. He has participated in top SEOmoz blogs.

    Show your landing page to someone who knows nothing about your business. If after 10 seconds he does not understand anything - you have something to fix.

    9. Brian Massey

    Brian Massey is a scientist specializing in the scientific rationale for conversion. His point of view was formed over 20 years, while he worked as a programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer and writer.

    The best design is not one that emphasizes the style and status of your company. The best design is the one that stimulates conversion, has excellent descriptions that motivate you to press the big red button.

    10. John Correll

    John Correll is the CEO and co-founder of Conversion Voodoo. He is one of the main authors of their blog.

    Start testing and stop arguing.

    11. Chris Howard

    Chris Howard is the co-founder and CEO of WiderFunnel and a leading expert on conversion issues.

    We listen to our intuition and check what it prompted us. We analyze marketing research and check their data. We analyze best practice examples and CHECK them. We listen to opinions and CHECK THEM. We listen to the opinions of experts and CHECK IT.

    12. Angie Shotmaller

    Angie Shotmaller is an expert in search engine optimization, conversion and responsiveness.

    Three keys to the effectiveness of your content: user interest, user benefit and a well-chosen moment.

    13. Rand Fishkin

    Rand Fishkin is CEO of SEOmoz. He was co-author of The Art of SEO and co-founder of Inbound.org.

    The best investment you can make is people: developers, designers and marketers who are able to focus on conversion, which will bring you good dividends.

    14. Steve Krug

    Steve Krug has 20 years of experience as a usability consultant for a wide range of clients such as Apple, Bloomberg.com, Lexus.com, etc.

    Remove 50% of your content. Take half of the remaining contents and delete it too.

    15. Roberta Rosenberg

    Roberta Rosenberg is President and CEO of MGP Direct, Inc. She has over 25 years of marketing experience.

    Your content should always be built around a solution to a problem. Build long-term relationships with customers based on their needs. This will make them loyal, and loyalty is the basis of trust.

    16. Avinash Koshik

    Avinash Koshik is a co-founder of Market Motive Inc and Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.

    Never let your company promise what you cannot fulfill.

    17. Jen Gordon

    Jen Gordon is a user interface designer and writer for Smashing Magazine. Her passion is landing pages and mobile app design.

    No matter how hard it is to break out of corporate principles or use a color that the boss hates, do it. The boss will understand that you were right when the conversion rates skyrocket.

    18. Gregory Tsioti

    Gregory Tsioti is the founder of Sparring Mind and also works for HelpScout.

    The best way to increase conversion is to use your understanding of why people say yes.

    19. Naomi Nailis

    Naomi Nailis is a partner of ShiftFWD.

    It doesn’t matter if you or your designer likes it, if it does not lead to an increase in conversion.

    20. Brandon Hess

    Brandon Hess is an inbound marketing manager at ReadyTalk. He is responsible for advertising, A / B testing, LP design and analytics.

    Your client didn’t pay to get to your page, and it doesn’t cost him to press the back button and go to the competitors if your landing page fails to interest them.

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