Monthly digest of interesting IT projects on Kickstarter No. 5

    Inventors continue to replenish Kickstarter with interesting IT projects. We bring to your attention the monthly digest for July 2014.

    Mimito smart pen

    Mimito Smart Pen is an accessory for iPhone, Android, computers and tablets. This is not only a multi-functional smart pen, but also a device that turns your monitor into a touch surface. The device looks and writes like a pen, but it also uses high-frequency sound and special sensors that respond to the movement of your hand. The pen starts to work when you attach the receiver to the top of a regular sheet, and in real time it starts to record and transfer everything that you write to any of your devices. The device also allows you to turn your regular monitor into a touch panel, which allows you to play games, draw and write.

    Wireless, USB, Bluetooth
    Writing mode up to 90 hours
    Recharge time 2.5 hours
    Monitor coverage up to 26 inches
    Video presentation (in English)

    CYSPO OmniStation

    CYSPO OmniStation is a multi-charge wireless station that allows you to charge 7 devices at the same time. You can charge your devices both wirelessly and wired. The station will greatly simplify your life if you charge more than three devices per day. You can also increase the length of the cable if necessary. In addition, there is a display on the outside, which means that the device can also be used as a photo frame.

    Video presentation (in English)

    Emberlight: smart cover

    Emberlight - a cover for bulbs, the light of which can be controlled through the application on the smartphone. A very simple control system: you connect the ceiling to the router and insert the light bulb, then everything is regulated through the application. The light can be customized in various ways. For example, it can automatically turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you leave it. You can also set the on / off time of the light using a timer. Using the application, you can adjust the light, raise or lower it. Price $ 49 for 1 ceiling.

    Video presentation (in English)


    OwnPhones is an individual headset for a smartphone that is printed on a 3D printer. What is surprising, the device is developed individually for each person. After downloading the application, you make a short video clip of your ear and send it to the developer. Design is also selected individually: you can choose the color and design (in gold or silver). On the outside of the device there are LEDs that inform others about the degree of your employment: red - very busy, yellow - not very busy, green - you can talk to me. An excellent speaker is built inside, the battery lasts for 5-6 hours, the connection is via BlueTooth, the device is charged via mini-USB for 1 hour. The cost is from $ 200.

    Video presentation (in English)


    Sense is a smart system that monitors your room in real time. Sense has a pretty beautiful and simple design, consumes little power. The device provides you with information about humidity, light, temperature and even the level of air pollution. Also, with the help of a smart alarm system, Sense will wake you up at the right time, based on an analysis of your sleep, in order to save you from a depressed mood. Using the application, you can find out your behavior during sleep: how you slept, what happened at night. Estimated cost $ 100.

    Video presentation (in English)

    SwivelCard Smart Business Card

    A smart business card for business SwivelCard is made of paper and includes a flash drive with information about your business. Inside there is also a program that shows the analytics of your business, which allows you to attract new customers. One of the biggest advantages is that you can update the information on a business card even after you have already given it. For only $ 29 you can buy 10 business cards.

    Video presentation (in English)


    Play games and train your vaginal muscles at the same time. The easiest and most fun relief for vaginal training. Designed specifically for the beautiful half of humanity and is a silicone skittle that helps train the vaginal muscles after childbirth. Training takes place by passing special games on a smartphone. The application on the smartphone also monitors and selects the right combination of workouts. Made in three colors: green, pink and yellow. There is also a vibrator inside, and the device can be used as an erotic toy.

    Video presentation (in English)

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