Evacuate the car? Tell the owner

    Currently, 305 tow trucks are operating in Moscow (by 2015 it will be increased to 440). About 800 cars are evacuated per day . The plan for one tow truck according to unverified data is 5 cars per day. For some reason, the Moscow government refused to send SMS at the time of evacuation, SMS is sent after the evacuation.
    Let's help each other ourselves!

    The simplest Android application E112BA will allow you to send a message to the owner of the car that is evacuating. The application is really simple - just specify the car number and press the button.

    The owner of the evacuated car will receive an SMS message “Your car will be evacuated!” (an application is not needed for this). He will have 10-15 minutes to remove the incorrectly parked car, because according to the law, if the car has not yet been taken away, it must be returned to the owner (a link to the relevant legislative act is wanted ).

    How it works

    To work with the application, preliminary registration in the Unified Mobile Platform (EMP) of the Government of Moscow is required. Registration and sending messages are completely free . To register with the EMP through the application, you will need to indicate your car number. The car number will be linked to your phone number in EMP. Already about 60,000 Moscow drivers have tied a phone number to a car number in the EMF. A similar binding will be done on the application server - in case the EMP is unavailable.

    To register and to use the application, an Internet connection is not required. Messaging takes place via free SMS. The SMS sent does not contain the sender's phone number, but the sender’s car number. In fact, the application only automates the sending of SMS, and then awaits a response. Why does this not work through the API? One of the stories of gaining access to the API has already been described in detail on Habré - if you do not pay attention to the deadlines, then to get access you must send a paper (!) Form with all your personal data.

    Messages can be exchanged without the application. But for this it is necessary:
    • remember the number to which messages are sent;
    • remember the code for sending SMS messages;
    • enter the car number in SMS (where it is not checked);
    • manually specify the message text.

    The application is a prototype. If you have any ideas on its name, interface, development - write in the comments.

    And I’ll immediately answer the comment that “if they parked incorrectly, then let them evacuate” - often in Moscow, cars are evacuated not from where they disturb someone, but where it is more convenient for evacuators / traffic police. And, if the purpose of the evacuation is to clear the road, then there is no difference whether the car will be evacuated or the owner will remove the car.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.


    • 7.2% useful, I will use 38
    • 9.5% useful, but I will not use 50
    • 2.8% useful, but I have an iPhone (registered in EMP) 15
    • 3.4% useful, but I have an iPhone (not registered in EMP) 18
    • 23.6% useless 124
    • 49.8% I am not from Moscow and Moscow Region 261
    • 3.4% other (I will write in the comments) 18

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