KolibriOS # 6 digest: last fall

    We are pleased to present you a new edition of the digest of changes made to KolibriOS. For several reasons, it was decided not to do a monthly, but a quarterly digest. That is why he did not go out for so long. But now is November, the end of autumn, which means it's time to share the news. If interested, welcome to cat.

    We are also forced, not without regret, to say that this digest may be the last publication on our blog. Our blog’s subscription expires tomorrow, and hasn’t been renewed yet. So his further fate is still unknown.

    - implementation of a new program, driver or library
    - implementation of something within the framework of GSoC
    - download link

    System-wide changes:

    • Merge of the kolibri-process branch with the trunk (main branch). As part of the kolibri-process branch, a new model of processes and threads was developed, more similar to the model of large OSs.
    • Convert all drivers to PE format. The PE format makes it easier to load drivers and connect libraries to Hummingbirds, compared to the COFF format used earlier. After successful conversion, driver support in COFF format was removed.
    • Drivers Update for Intel and ATI Graphics Cards
    • exif.obj : library for extracting EXIF data from images;
    • Support for all IDE controllers (previously only PCI 01018x was supported)
    • Improved download speed on some configurations
    • Added support for 16bpp video modes (for older video cards and cheap embedded x86 systems where there is no 24 / 32bpp support - in particular, it is used in 86duino with vortex86 VGA )
    • TinyGL : fork on FASM
    • COM-mouse driver: support for the third button;
    • Network subsystem - fixing many bugs (in network card drivers, in utilities)
    • Updated SDKs for C / C ++ development : NewLib and MenuetLibC

    Changes in application software:

    • Eolite : copy selected files (highlight by Insert).
    • RDsave : error correction; use of system colors.
    • Game Center : Switch to using ini to store a list of games.
    • scrshoot : support 16bpp mode.
    • tengine : A proprietary 2D game engine ported to Hummingbird.
      Hidden text
      • ready-made multi-platform functionality, including for the kolibrios platform
      • rendering blitter
      • multithreading support
      • the ability to check pixel boundaries of a game object of complex shape
      • tile card support, scrolling
      • translucent support
      • support for mixing image data with a specified color
      • proportional font support

      Physics example of Verlé



    • Transfer of the car assembly system to Tup ( more details here ). As a result, almost all the programs and games from the KolibriOS distribution kit written in Java are compiled from source (including QUAKE and others). The instruction in English is here .

    We remind you that you can take part in the New Year's contest of game developers for Hummingbirds .

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