How the installers of Corbina-Telecom (Beeline) work

    Has been connected to an Internet from Corbina for more than 3 years. Well, about the constant problems with the missing Internet, you should not tell (everyone who uses this provider knows about the low quality of their work).

    But on January 2, the Internet disappeared throughout the house. After the call, the calipers were promised to solve the problem within 24 hours. A day later, the problem was not resolved, and network restoration was postponed until January 12.
    It came January 12, but the Internet never appeared ... After a call to the service of those. support it turned out that the DEZ does not give keys to attics and basements, tk. There have been many complaints about installers of Corbina. As a result, Corbin was ordered to correct all the oversights made by their employees. Only after that a commission will be created from representatives of the DEZ and Corbin, where they will decide on the resumption of access of corbin to those. the premises of houses in our quarter. But looking at the pictures of how corbin connects our staircase, you can understand that the keys are unlikely to be given to them. Twisted pair to the apartments goes in an open way on the porch (bottom photo). When connecting my apartment (top photo), it can be noted that the installers broke off part of the wall (half a year before that, the repair was done at the entrance).


    As a result of the fact that the amateurs were involved in the connection, Corbin fell into disfavor with the leadership of the DEZ, and now several houses in the quarter are sitting without the Internet, and also none of the new customers can connect to the provider in the near future ...

    PS The story is described about the Northern Izmailovo district, the quarter between 15-16 Parkova, Shchelkovo highway and Lilac Boulevard.

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