Cons of budget routers on the example of Zyxel P334 EE

    Recently I wrote about the transition to the online provider Onlaym. After a month and a half of work, impressions remain positive. Gaps from the provider has not yet been observed. However, I want to share a little negative experience installing the router. The article was originally published on my blog, but perhaps the habrasociety will help with a more correct solution to the problem described below, if there is such a solution.

    At first, I had only one home computer connected, and everything worked like a clock. When it was necessary to connect the second, I decided to buy an inexpensive unpretentious router without Wi-Fi and other frills. However, I was too lazy to read reviews and relied on the good name of Zyxel - I always heard only good reviews about their products. Especially in terms of reliability. Looking ahead, I’ll say that just from the point of view of reliability no complaints have arisen. I bought an inexpensive Zyxel P-334 EE router .

    Since all TCP-IP settings are automatic in Onlime, connecting the router should have been the simplest - it turned on and works. In principle, everything was so.

    The original article was left on a personal blog to avoid duplication.

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