Visualization of botnets on video

    Spammer botnets live their own lives, and this is not an allegory. They really look like an animal. At least, if you look at the computer model, which was generated by Finnish programmers from the company Clarified Networks. The video captures botnet activity in a few hours.

    They took as their basis the raw data collected by F-Secure in the IRC channels of the botnets. Parsing and processing are done using Python and PyQt . Then they made a binding IP-addresses to physical addresses by GeoIP-database Maximind , then laid them on the map Visible Earth from NASA. After that, it took a little to play with colors and brightness to make the map look more spectacular. The result exceeded all expectations.

    In the video, we literally hear the beat of the heart and feel the rotten breath of this huge botnet-hydra, which has spread its tentacles all over the planet.

    Videos can be downloaded in 640x370 or 1280x720 resolution .

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