Own Voyager - for everyone and everyone: NASA has laid out 3D models of satellites and asteroids for fans of 3D printing

    On Habré there are quite a lot of people who are interested in the topic of space, spacecraft and the aerospace industry. In addition, here, on Habré, there are many owners of 3D printers. Now these two hobbies can be combined.

    The fact is that NASA created and laid out 3D models of interesting objects. A total of 21 models of spacecraft and asteroids were created. For example, there are Kepler, Mars Odyssey, Rosetta, Voyager (how could you do without it, the first starship in the history of mankind?), Cassini, Pioneer, LRO and other devices. In addition, models of the asteroids Eros and Itokawa, as well as models of formations on the surface of other planets (Gale crater, for example, which attracted the Curiosity team), are laid out.

    Of course, the base of objects available for printing will expand. Models are created by scaling the original devices / objects with the conversion of the model to STL (there is also a Blender version). This can cause some printing difficulties, so some printer owners may have to tinker a bit.

    NASA is going to attract not only its own specialists, but also external space enthusiasts to the project. On this page , for example, there are textures and images that can be useful to 3D masters when creating their own models of space objects, both artificial and natural origin.

    As for the current base of models, each of them is reduced to 10 centimeters in length / width, so now your Voyager can stand on its own desktop.

    You can start working with 3D models from NASA on this page .

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