September 1 - back to the courses

    The first day of autumn for life is associated with the beginning of study. Summer is ending, it’s time to tackle the mind . And so that you do not wander around the network in search of training materials, we have prepared for you a short review of our new lecture courses, master classes and useful broadcasts. Welcome to the virtual desk!

    Let's go from old to new. To begin with, let us recall our latest megapods, here there will be enough training materials for several higher educations: “ Time to study: digest of free educational materials from Mail.Ru Group ”. And then let's talk about new materials that are not included there.

    Lectures of Technotrek. Web Development Fundamentals

    The course is devoted to the development of medium-sized web applications, in other words - sites. The course is more panoramic, introduces future web developers to a wide range of technologies and the general principles of web applications. These materials will help you immerse yourself in the topic of web development, so that in the future it will be easier to concentrate on specific technologies without losing sight of the overall architecture.

    The purpose of the course is a comprehensive study of the device and the principle of operation of modern web applications and the network as a whole, as well as the acquisition of practical web development skills. The emphasis in the course is on the development of server software, i.e. backend.

    Lectures of the Technosphere. Introduction to Data Analysis

    The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the field of data analysis, the basic tools, tasks and methods faced by the data researcher.

    Lectures of Technotrek. Java development

    The course aims to create a working application and obtain the necessary skills and experience in the field of software development. At the end of the course, you will know the syntax and the main libraries of the Java language, understand the object-oriented approach, and be able to decompose complex tasks.

    Lectures of Technotrek. Mobile Development Fundamentals

    The purpose of the course is to give an understanding of the IT industry as a whole, develop teamwork skills and teach how to design a product from scratch, starting from a hypothesis and ending with a business plan. And also from this lecture course you will learn how large companies work and how to create new products.

    Master class "Sense Search"

    Dmitry Voloshin talks about the career and education of an IT employee, and also answers questions from viewers.

    Lectures of the Technosphere. Algorithms and data structures . Preparatory Course

    The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with the basic algorithms used for software development. To teach you to choose the appropriate data structures and algorithms for the implementation of emerging tasks. To teach using C and C ++ languages ​​as a tool for implementing algorithms.

    Master class “The way from“ Hello, World! ”To highly loaded systems”

    Dmitry Arkhangelsky, the developer of the Odnoklassniki project, as well as the teacher of the Technotrek project, talks about the profession of a development engineer.

    Master class “Habits: techie and humanities about career habits”

    Irina Tripapina, head of international development at myTarget, and Denis Elkin, head of technical support for Mail.Ru Group clients, held a master class in the format of a discussion between colleagues from different directions - techie and humanities - with an absolutely opposite career history.

    Master class “Tarantool. Tarantula Training »

    In this master class, Vasily Soshnikov, a developer at Mail.Ru Group, talked about what Tarantool is, how to start it and what you can do with it. You will also learn which libraries are used with Tarantool, why they are needed. Finally, we’ll talk about examples of using Tarantool in production and introduce some architectural solutions.

    Master class "First steps in the career of a developer"

    The master class talks about the problems that a novice developer inevitably encounters, and how to live with it.

    Master class "Introduction to the frontend. Past present Future"

    Andrey Tereshko, a developer at Mail.Ru Group and a teacher in the Technopark educational project, will conduct an overview of this industry for those who are still looking for an interesting direction for themselves or want to expand their horizons.

    And finally, we want to remind you about our online courses (the full list is on IT.Mail.Ru ).

    Advanced C / C ++ Programming

    The online course "Advanced Programming in C / C ++" is a "replica" of full-time courses for students of the 1st semester of study as part of Technopark projects at MSTU. N.E. Bauman and Technosphere at Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov.

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    Java Web Service Development (Part 1)

    Learning Java, using the example of developing a web server. The first part of the course: the basics of developing the server side of web applications. After completing the course, you will receive: the basic skills of developing Java web applications, understand the topics of OOP and design touched upon more deeply, try yourself in the role of developers of the server side of web applications.

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    From the first of September you and enjoy your studies!

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