Involuntary swindler, or features of work with freelancers

Good afternoon, colleagues. This material will be useful to you if:
  • you are developing your web project
  • you are planning to create a web studio and do not know where to start

Naturally, in both cases one cannot do without involving freelancers.

I note that it will be much easier for you to work with freelancers if you understand that:
  • there are few people with developed self-control
  • nobody owes you anything. Even for the money. After all, the whole point of hiring a freelancer is not to put a person in the office and punish him with a salary - but to find an ally, like-minded person who likes to solve problems that have arisen for you. And if you were deceived in evaluating a person (remotely, without seeing him) - then these are your problems.
Thus, working with freelancers is always a risk, and in this article I will tell you how to minimize it.

A small introduction. When you develop your online project, you will have a choice:
  • apply for modifications to the web studio. It is more expensive and more reliable.
  • look for freelancers yourself and work at your own peril and risk. But much cheaper.

An argument in favor of a web studio.
If your business is more or less stable, there is a steady profit - then naturally the time has come to develop. Consider expanding the pool of suppliers, work with new sales channels, organize partnerships, and so on. Such an activity implies a free head, which is not clogged with the question “will a freelancer disappear for a week, will it block my base, will it fall ill and will I have to urgently look for a new one”, etc.
In such a rainbow case (that is, when you have money), you need to shift the issues of improving the site onto the shoulders of the web studio, and be sure to one that specializes in solving exactly your tasks, and not “sites on Drupal, Jumla, social networks getting to the top is inexpensive with a guarantee. ”

If you are just starting your business, and you have every penny in your account, then you have direct access to freelance exchanges.
It is also better to hire freelancers for large amounts of tedious work - copywriting texts, for example, or filling sites. A journalist you know may get tired after the hundredth text you’ve invented for you, and lose pace. If several freelancers do the same, you simply hire a new person - and that’s it.

It helps a lot in working with exchange freelancers. I will explain how to use them correctly.

  • Be sure to look at the reviews of previous works and the pluses in the profile. The more reviews and more pluses in the profile of a freelancer - the higher the likelihood that the cooperation will be successful. If there are 2-3 positive reviews, and many minuses in the profile - most likely a freelancer-trickster. How can this happen? It is very simple - a person can perform work on safe transactions, as he is disciplined by reviews. And if the deal is not concluded, then the freelancer relaxes, he can easily appropriate money. And since you can’t leave a review without a deal, and the amount assigned by the freelancer is ridiculous, they simply put a minus in his profile.
  • A safe transaction will protect you from the situation when today you agreed to work for 5 thousand rubles, and tomorrow the freelancer received an order for 10 thousand rubles. Naturally - your work is shelved, and you lose time (and if you left an advance payment, you also lose money). In the case of a safe transaction concluded, the freelancer will not forget about you in case of the arrival of a higher-paid job, fearing a negative review. Know that a profile on the exchange, with positive reviews, is an asset of a freelancer, and as a rule a person protects it.
  • A secure transaction will protect you from scammers who beg for a penny prepayment. Suppose - 5 freelancers agreed to do for 10 thousand rubles, and one - for 3 thousand, but asks for an advance payment of a thousand rubles. Do not flatter yourself at a low price. You will be deceived, and because of the penny amount it will be easier for you to forget about failure than to understand.
  • A safe transaction will protect you from cases when a freelancer enthusiastically takes up work - and only in the middle understands that he can not do the task - the fuse has ended, he incorrectly assessed his strength. I call such situations "Involuntarily a swindler." Sometimes people overestimate their strength, but they are not to blame for this. They just have that character.
  • Always understand that freelancers need to set realistic goals. If you want something that is not technically feasible, then an unscrupulous freelancer can understand this, play a fix on your idea and get a fairly large amount out of you. For example (this is a completely real case), a parent called my employee and offered 2 thousand dollars for wrapping up a vote on the site in favor of his son. He complained, “I paid someone there 3 thousand dollars to have more votes than the competitor, and this morning the competitor again has more.” A conversation was held with the parent about the features of editing the voting database on the site directly.
  • Pay attention to the average price. Choose an artist according to the optimal ratio of "story about work / quality"

Features of work with conscientious freelancers:

  • You can look for a bona fide freelancer not only on freelance exchanges. It can also be found on the website of the Russian community of the CMS on which your product is built. As a rule, the profile on the forum will be full of advantages. But deals with such people are still best done through freelance exchanges.
  • Be aware that often they combine self-employment and freelance. Therefore, they often cannot communicate by telephone (days at work, evenings at home with a child, and with a family are not very conducive to conversations)
  • It’s better not to pull the pros every 5 minutes. Quite once a day to inquire about the status of the project.
  • Pros will always tell you how he did such tasks.

If you decide not to pay a commission to the freelance exchange, here are some tips that will reduce the likelihood of fraud:

  • Always check on Skype or Yandex search the Skype nickname, ICQ, WebMoney wallet (it is better that it is personal), phone number.
  • Always call or write to the projects that are listed in the portfolio. If you don’t hear about a person in the project, then he is a liar.
  • Stubborn nagging about the prepayment of a penny amount means that they will forget about you immediately after receiving it.

Features of work with any freelancers:

  • Always backup before giving access to the site. Better yet, keep a test copy of the project on which the freelancer will do the work.
  • Do not transfer all data from the server if it is not necessary. Often, FTP alone will be sufficient.
  • Remember the rule from the very beginning of the article — when verbally agreeing with the person you “see” for the first time — no one owes anything to anyone. Even for the money. But there are also positive aspects - sooner or later you will develop a flair that allows you to remotely evaluate a person. Something like the intuition of eastern doctors who had to learn to remotely diagnose women (in those days, classical diagnosis was hampered by the severe temper of husbands)

Actually, such approximately tasks will be faced by the owner of the starting web project, or by the person who decided to create a web studio from scratch. Next, the first is waiting for hiring a team, or outsourcing, and the second is building infrastructure from version control systems, ticks, and other things.

In the next article, I will talk about how to work with finances that are intended to pay for the work of freelancers, and how very often such expenses can be drastically cut.

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