Friday webinars from Skillbox: developers from developers


    New Friday, time to publish a new collection of webinars from Skillbox. Today's will be devoted to programming, as well as the past. Let's start learning!

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    How to become a web programmer

    The author of this webinar is the head of BelkaCar development, Alexander Ponomarev. He tells how to become a web programmer, taking into account the following nuances:

    • advantages and disadvantages of the specialty;
    • technologies and possible directions of development;
    • first steps in programming;
    • selection of the first employer;
    • possible development paths for the developer and the growth area.

    Python to automate analytics: application possibilities

    This webinar is intended for more experienced programmers who work with Python. This programming language is an almost perfect tool for automating analytics. The webinar is dedicated to just these language features.
    Online course "Python-developer from scratch"

    Mobile development automation tools

    Dmitry Shashlov, head of mobile development at Agima, talks about such aspects of mobile development as:

    • Continuous integration;
    • Continuous delivery;
    • the use of autotests;
    • working with the code in the command: gitflow, pull request and code review.

    How to develop an application for PHP

    Badoo's lead software engineer Mikhail Ovchinnikov explains how to develop an application in PHP. If you are unfamiliar with this language, the webinar will help you understand the reasons for the popularity of PHP, including as a language for backend development. It will also cover the basics of creating simple web applications and the situation on the PHP market, including wages, requirements and other important points.
    Online course "Profession Web Developer"

    How to become an Android developer

    Another webinar by Mikhail Ovchinnikov. This time - how to become a mobile developer. You will learn:

    • the skills required to create your first mobile application;
    • toolkit for Android development;
    • difficulties on the way from a trainee programmer to a team leader in an international company.

    Practical course "Mobile Developer PRO"

    As usual, please tell in the comments what you would like to learn next time. Perhaps some topics should be touched less often, and others - more often? Let us know.

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