Announcement of the second meeting of Java User Group Yekaterinburg

    Hello, Habr!

    JUG - Java User Group, meetings JUG.EKB - a discussion of various technologies from the Java world, the exchange of experience, as well as just interesting communication!
    We regularly hold meetings of JUG.EKB with lectures by Java experts on the most interesting topics.
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    We invite all java developers to the second meeting of JUG.EKB.

    Meeting program:

    1. Specially invited guest - Roman Elizarov from St. Petersburg (Devexperts company) - “Millions of quotes per second in pure Java”
      Roman Elizarov has been professionally developing software for exchange and brokerage for more than 10 years. As an expert on high-performance processing and dissemination of large amounts of data and on performance optimization issues on modern architectures, Roman regularly gives relevant reports at various conferences. He is an expert on the Java platform.

      The report will focus on those solutions and approaches that, based on real experience, allow us to achieve a reasonable compromise between performance and complexity, which largely determines the choice of Java platform. A real comparison with classical data providers, which have a ten-year history of developing and supporting their software in low-level languages, shows that Java features are not an obstacle to creating high-performance data processing systems, but rather, they allow you to catch up and overtake competitors due to the availability of more tools. increasing productivity of programmers, and simplifying debugging and support.

    2. Andrey Khitrin from Yekaterinburg (Naumen company) - “The heavy shackles will fall: how to transfer the project assembly from Ant to Gradle?”
      Andrey Khitrin is developing and automatically testing applications for the Noda Soft product.
      Also contributes to the Open Source.

      The Java platform has successfully passed the test of time, having established itself as the basis for the development of long-lived projects. However, with age, such projects accumulate many shortcomings. One of them may be an outdated application build system.
      What should be done if you want to get rid of the enormous in size and complex Ant scripts that are used to build your application? What are the alternatives? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives? How not to fill up cones when transferring a project from Ant to some Gradle?

    3. Lightning talks
      Lightning talks is a series of five-minute reports, you can apply for them at any time, at least 5 minutes before the start. Presentation is optional, but desirable. The topic of the talk is limited only to Java, you can talk about, for example, a recently discovered framework or a problem that you recently solved.
      Lightning talks is a great way to try yourself as an applicant. Therefore, we are waiting for your application for a report on lightning talks.

    4. Afterparty

    The meeting is free, you need to register .
    With us tea / coffee and cookies, from you - a good mood and questions to the speakers.

    Video from the last meeting can be viewed on our youtube channel .

    We are waiting for you at the meeting on July 29 in “Salt” Coworging (Khimikov lane, 3rd, 4th floor), starting at 19-30.

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