Evernote Web Clipper 6.2 Update for Chrome

    Today we updated our extension to quickly copy information from a browser to Evernote, making this process easier and more convenient.

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    Thoughtful arrangement of elements

    We have released a significant part of the screen area occupied by Web Clipper, leaving only those functions that are really needed in each case. The new compact design is also better suited to any screen size.

    Copying without interference
    The save button has become more visible and now works by pressing the Enter / Return key, so you can send a note without an extra click. A convenient grouping of functions allows you to quickly copy the necessary information and get back to your business.

    Quick editing
    Tools for making notes are now hidden when you take a screenshot. When you select an area to edit, they will appear.

    More options for copied web fragment
    After copying the information, you will see a toolbar that allows you to put a reminder if you need a note with this data by a certain time, and you can also share the note with friends or colleagues there.

    Advanced Features

    It is not necessary to professionally understand the capabilities of Web Clipper in order to work with it comfortably, but nevertheless in 6.2 we added a number of frequently requested functions that experienced fans of the extension should like.

    Improved notepad selection
    Finding notebooks and tags has now become faster with a new drop-down menu, the items of which are filtered as you type the name you want.

    When copying an article, a whole page or text in a simplified form, a marker will be automatically selected to quickly highlight the main thing, without wasting time.

    Default settings
    Regardless of individual preferences in working with the extension, the new Web Clipper has a number of settings that will allow you to customize the process of copying web pages for yourself. You can hide or show similar notes related to the information being copied, or you can hide the panel with actions after copying by selecting the option to automatically close the extension in the settings.

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