Top 10 unconvincing reasons to hold on to poor work

Original author: Alexander Kjerulf
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If you are dissatisfied with your work, you probably sometimes come up with the thought: " It 's time to quit this business ." So why aren't you giving up?

Even if you really want to quit, run away from this terrible company, from hated colleagues and arrogant bosses, you will still hesitate, because immediately after the impulsive desire to quit everything comes a lot of other thoughts that prevent you from deciding to take this step.

All these excuses are skillfully disguised as reasonable arguments about why it is worth staying and suffering a little more. But if you listen carefully, this is not the voice of reason, but self-deception, which forces you to hold onto a place of work in which you slowly but surely waste yourself.

We are at AlconostYou’ve translated an article by Alexander Kierulf, who calls himself one of the world's experts on happiness at work. He analyzed the 10 most common excuses that prevent people from quitting a hated workplace.

No. 1 "Someday it will be better."

This jerk boss someday will be transferred to another position. That stupid colleague will ever quit. These inhuman volumes and endless processing will someday end.

What if things get worse? Or will nothing change at all? If you have already done everything in your power to change the situation at work, and nothing came of it, there is little point in sitting and waiting until everything changes by itself.

No. 2 "My boss is an idiot, but if I leave now, it turns out that he won ."

What's the difference. There are no winners or losers. It's about your life. It's time to move forward.

No. 3 "I am not one of those who quit what was started."

Do you know what these successful people , to put it mildly , have in common : Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Tiger Woods, Rhys Witherspoon, John McEnro and John Steinbeck?

Yes, yes, they all dropped out of Stanford University .

Therefore, those who tell you that the real winners never leave halfway lie - to quit the hated work is right.

No. 4 "I will not be hired for another job."

Of course not, if you sit on an old one that gradually sucks all of your life juices out of you. Change jobs now, while self-confidence, motivation and energy are not exhausted.

No. 5 “If I quit, I will lose my salary, status, corporate car, respect from colleagues, etc.”

Yes, for a shift of work you have to pay a certain price, and this is scary. We all understand this in our hearts.

But not many people ask: “And what price will I have to pay if I stay at the work I hate?”

And this price can be very high. In addition to excellent career prospects, poor work can ruin your marriage, family, health, deprive you of self-esteem and fairly pat your psyche. This will not happen in an instant, of course, but it will happen gradually, day after day.

No. 6 "It is good where we are not."

Nonsense. In any area, there are many excellent job opportunities that await you.

No. 7 "I have already invested too much in this work."

Perhaps you have spent a lot of time, effort and nerves to improve the situation. And it really will be difficult for you to quit.

This reminds me of Nigerian letters, a type of online fraud when email scammers scam people for money for certain financial transactions, promising high interest if successful. First, these are small amounts, then they begin to grow. And with every step the victim is finding it increasingly difficult to stop, because in this case she will lose the money that has already been invested.

Drop it anyway. Staying means continuing to invest your best years in something that is obviously doomed to failure.

No. 8 "I will lose health insurance."

I sympathize with this argument. In Denmark, where I live, everyone has the right to free medical care, regardless of whether he has a job or not. Therefore, it is difficult for me to judge how much this trump card is in the hands of the employer.

The answer is one: start looking for another job with the same insurance conditions.

And one more thing: ask yourself whether the good health insurance provided at work that damages your health is of much use, and bad work does just that.

No. 9 "I'm well paid here."

And I do not sympathize with this argument at all. It doesn't matter how much money you get. If you do not get pleasure from work, no salary will compensate for this.

And even more so, if you are making good money now, use this financial stability to finally leave and find a job to your liking.

No. 10 "Such a line will ruin my resume."

And, in your opinion, a resume with a line that you have been sitting for years at work that you hate, without further prospects, looks perfect?


Many of us would be more satisfied with our careers if we quit a bad job earlier. I met a lot of people who finally managed to leave, and the only thing they regretted was that they did it later than necessary. Those who would have thought that it was necessary to stay longer, I have never met before.

There can be many reasons to hold on to work that you don’t like. I’m talking about the fact that it’s worthwhile to carefully analyze them: are these really constraining factors or maybe fear just speaks in you.

Your turn

What do you think? Did you have a job that you hated? What prevented you from leaving? Why did you end up quitting? Or maybe the best way is to start a business ? Write your stories in the comments, your opinions are very interesting.

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