Google Noto: free fonts for all languages ​​of the world

    Google continues to expand the set of Noto fonts , trying to add to it all the existing scripts of the world. Fonts uploaded under the Apache License 2.0. In July 2014, Chinese, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, and Korean languages ​​were added: see the Noto Sans CJK font . Very serious work has been done, given the number of characters in these scripts!

    There are 96 fonts in the collection, of which Cyrillic is supported in two: Noto Sans and Noto Serif.

    Select the necessary fonts to download on the world map. Interestingly, for some popular scripts (for example, Indian Oriya, 33 million people) there is still no character set. At the same time, the Google Noto collection has very rare exotic fonts that are used by about 0 people (Osmanya).

    However, over time, they will probably try to expand the collection of free fonts to the entire Unicode space.

    Full font set: 135.7 MB in the archive.

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