DigitalOcean opened a point of presence in London

    As a good tradition, I hasten to inform you of the news about the launch by DigitalOcean of a new region - London. I didn’t translate the picture, because you won’t erase words from the song .

    A point of presence in this region was requested by many customers (at the time of writing the post, 576 votes). In general, the company believes that London is currently experiencing a technical boom similar to the one that was in New York several years ago and is happy to provide companies with their solutions. A big plus for companies will be compliance with legislation on the storage of certain categories of data in the country.

    When creating droplets in this region, IPv6 and Private Networking are available.

    For those who want to test the speed, connectivity and delay, I ask

    Here is a toy for the next 7 days. The default instance is "LAMP on Ubuntu 14.04."

    IP Address:
    IPv6 Address: 2a03: b0c0: 1: d0 :: 17: f001 /1000mb.test

    A year ago, the idea was proposed to create a point of presence in Russia. At the moment, only 157 votes, but what the hell is not joking.

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